House Von Rohrs

House Von Rohrs
Titles Coordinator
Affiliation Draconis Combine

The Von Rhors family were rulers of the Draconis Combine, after they displaced the ruling House Kurita for nearly a century.


The Von Rohrs line came to power after Saigo Kurita's death left Marika's son Nihongi Von Rohrs, the child of an affair with a stable hand, as the oldest Male heir to the bloodline other than the current Coordinator Robert Kurita. Nihongi quickly masterminded a plot to overthrow Robert and assumed the mantle of Coordinator for himself in what would become known as the Von Rohrs Coup. [1]

Family Tree[edit]

House Kurita
Werner Von Rohrs
Marika Kurita
Nihongi Von Rohrs
Kozo Von Rohrs
Yama Von RohrsKruger Von RohrsMarika Von RohrsNengo Von Rohrs
End of House Von Rohrs


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