Humming Bird

Humming Bird.JPG
Humming Bird
Production information
Manufacturer Bermuda Combat Systems
Use Search and Rescue
Recon Vehicle
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Chassis Type (Size) VTOL (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3074
Technical specifications
Mass 30
Speed 7
Top Speed 11
Power Plant Fuel Cell (Electric)
Fuel (Type/Range) 2,456 km
Armament None
Heat Sinks None
Armor BAR 5
Crew 2
BV (2.0) 129[1]


The Humming Bird is a Search and Rescue VTOL which was constructed using a mix of Primitive and Cutting Edge technologies. Produced by Bermuda Combat Systems of Booker in 3074, the vehicle's manufacturer wanting to created a low cost but highly effective recon VTOL. Conceived for police and security services, its design was left open to allow it be modified for Militia service. Bermuda had used the low-technology construction to compensate for the vehicle's costly sensors.[2]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

Most of the Humming Bird's components consist of primitive level technology, including its engine and structure. In addition, the vehicle uses a single ton of BAR 5 Grade of Primitive Armor to protect the hull from harm. The Humming Bird must rely on its speed should it get into a difficult or dangerous situation.

The heart of the Humming Bird is its Bloodhound Active Probe, which helps users find missing persons as well as locate possible threats.

The Humming Bird's other equipment includes a Lift Hoist and a mounted Search Light.[3]


The Humming Bird features Tech Level D Chassis, Engine/Controls, and Armor.


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