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Huntress nearby systems (3151)
Huntress nearby systems (3151)
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 49.223 : 1757.87[e]
Spectral class G7V
Planets Seven

Political Affiliation[edit]

Huntress II[edit]

System position 2
Jump point
7 days
Moons 1 (Sentinel)[12]
Surface gravity 1.10G
Atmospheric pressure Standard
Equatorial temperature 25°C
Surface water 60%
Highest native life Birds
Capital Lootera

Planetary Description[edit]

Huntress II, or simply Huntress, was the Clan Homeworlds capital of Clan Smoke Jaguar in the Kerensky Cluster from the early twenty-ninth century until that Clan's Annihilation in 3060. Following this event it was divided between several Clans and briefly hosted an embassy from the Second Star League. The planet had a single moon named Sentinel.[12]

Planetary History[edit]

Huntress was colonized at some point prior to Operation KLONDIKE and evidently became an exclusive possession of Clan Smoke Jaguar early in its history, as other Clans shied away from sharing the planet with the Jaguars.[1]

Operation REVIVAL[edit]

In 3051, as the Bloodnamed Warriors were on Strana Mechty to vote for a new IlKhan after the death of Leo Showers, Clan Steel Viper challenged Clan Jade Falcon to a Trial of Possession for the generic material of Khan Elias Crichell. Three Clusters from the Jade Falcon's Omega Galaxy battled against four Clusters from the Steel Viper's Gamma Galaxy on Huntress for the Trial. Khan Elias Crichell would personally lead the Falcons in battle and defeat the Steel Vipers.[13]

Annihilation of Clan Smoke Jaguar[edit]

The Inner Sphere with a combination of Operations BULLDOG and SERPENT Annihilated the Smoke Jaguar Clan and seized their Homeworld. This included the systematic destruction of every war-making industry, military base, and any monuments to the achievements of the Smoke Jaguar Clan. After the Great Refusal was won, the Inner Sphere held the Homeworld as a permanent outpost in Clan Space, where a Star League ambassador was stationed.[14]

Wars of Possession[edit]

Several Clans raided the planet[when?], with the goal of obtaining ProtoMech technology; only five were able to achieve those goals: the first, Clan Goliath Scorpion, took the 'Mech factory on the continent of Abysmal, keeping it until 3067. Clan Jade Falcon took control of half the continent of Jaguar Prime, including the cities of New Andery and Bagera; Clan Fire Mandrill's Kindraa Mattila-Carrol took Pahn City and its environs. Clan Star Adder won the nearby city of Myers and Clan Ice Hellion gained the Warrior Path peninsula,[citation needed] and other areas from Clan Coyote.[10]

Finally, the SLDF enclave was reduced to Lootera and its environs, keeping it until they were forced to abandon the planet at the beginning of the Jihad.[15]

Military Deployment[edit]





The planet boasts two continents, Jaguar Prime and Abysmal as well as two polar ice caps. Jaguar Prime is the larger and more hospitable of the two landmasses and is the primary center of the planet's population. Abysmal is a smaller landmass with a harsh, desert climate. Abysmal is only periodically utilized for training purposes by the Smoke Jaguars. Prime's geography on the other hand is not uniform and varies from plains, patches of desert, and rainforests which often pose as harsh contrasts to each other. A host of mountains break up the continent, most notably the Jaguar's Fangs range (which includes Mt. Szabo) and the aptly named Eastern Mountains. Bodies of water like the Black Shikari River, named after its uncharacteristically dark waters, Liberation Sea, and the expansive fens of the Dhuan Swamp also stretch across the landscape. Prime's climate ranges from temperate to tropical and is characterized by ubiquitous, grey clouds and occasional, fierce storms. Huntress also has a single moon, named Sentry. The distance from the system's star to Huntress is roughly seven days at a standard 1G burn.[citation needed]

Lootera is Huntress's capital and largest city. The city, like Jaguar Prime, is a series of contrasts with drab, featureless buildings standing in proximity to monolithic memorials to Smoke Jaguar heroes and the Clan's proud, warrior tradition. Lootera is home to the Smoke Jaguar military command on planet, including a garrison of solahma warriors and a few training fields. It is also the site of the Smoke Jaguar Gene Center which houses the genetic legacies of the legendary Howell and Osis bloodlines (though it was also revealed that Smoke Jaguar scientists had secretly acquired copies of the giftakes of heroes from other Clans, like Aidan Pryde). This pyramidal structure also houses an eternal laser which constantly burns upwards in honor of Jaguar warriors who perished serving their Clan. The Field of Heroes, a pavilion of stone-sculpted BattleMechs, stretches before the genetic repository as well. Mt. Szabo looms in the distance where a leaping Smoke Jaguar has been carved in its side in a monumental display of hubris. The mountain is also home to a subterranean military complex, complete with a rare and deadly Reagan anti-ship battery.[citation needed]

The cities of Bagera, Myer, Pahn City, and New Andery comprise the Smoke Jaguars' other major centers of population, industry, and military presence on planet. Falcon Eyrie is a unique exception, belonging to Clan Jade Falcon. Located in the remote Eastern Mountains, the small garrison facility was gifted to the Jade Falcon Clan years ago as a gesture of goodwill by ilKhan Leo Showers. It has since been staffed by a small contingent of warriors (almost exclusively solahma) and scientists and has been used as a site for secret military and genetic research. The facility is purely symbolic and the Jade Falcons do not seek to expand their territorial holdings on the Smoke Jaguar homeworld. However, the Falcons presence has proven to be a source of periodic tension between either Clan.[citation needed]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Abysmal (continent)
  • Dhundh Sea
  • Jaguar Prime (continent)
    • Bagera: A mining town where the Bagera Training Facility was located
    • Black Shikari River
    • Falcon's Eyrie: Small Jade Falcon base in the mountains.
    • Lake Osis
    • Lootera: capital city
      • Technician's Quarter
      • Warrior Quarter
    • Mount Szabo
      • Hall of the Hunter: Command post buried inside the mountain.
    • Myer: a city that was one of the major centers of population, industry, and military presence on planet outside Lootera.
    • New Andery: city
    • Pahn: a city that was one of the major centers of population, industry, and military presence on planet outside Lootera.

Industrial Centers[edit]

Local Flora and Fauna[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 20 systems (7 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Ironhold 13.2 Strana Mechty 19.6 Foster 25.2 Atreus 32.7
Marshall 35.9 Lum 43.4 Shadow 51.8 Tathis 65.2
Tokasha 65.8 Priori 67.6 Brim 74.5 Gatekeeper 75.0
Tranquil 75.6 New Kent 76.4 Delios 81.0 Sheridan 84.9
Hellgate 85.9 Niles 86.4 Glory 92.4 Hector 102.8


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