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Huntress (Individual JumpShip)

This article is about the individual JumpShip. For other uses, see Huntress (disambiguation).
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class unknown

The Huntress is a JumpShip of unspecified type. It was the private vessel of Hassid Ricol, the "Red Duke", and served as his flagship. It could carry at least two DropShips,[1] with the implication that it had carried the six DropShips of Duke Ricol when he came to the Free Worlds League in 3028, which in turn indicates it might be a Star Lord-class vessel; this remains unconfirmed however.


Ricol used the Huntress to travel to Trellwan in 3024, where Grayson Carlyle thwarted his attempt to seize the world through underhanded tactics.[2] (The Huntress is somewhat inaccurately described as a "WarShip" at one point in the novel.)

In late 3025 or early 3026 Ricol traveled to Verthandi aboard the Huntress, again only to find his plans for the world were being undone by Carlyle and his Gray Death Legion. The Verthandi situation came to a head when the Huntress, after having left the system, reappeared at the zenith jump point with a Draconis Combine warfleet—right in the middle of a Lyran Commonwealth fleet. In the ensuing standoff, Ricol's forces evacuated the system without engaging in a space battle.[3]

In 3028 the Huntress brought Ricol and (at least) six DropShips to Helm, including the Alpha, after Ricol learned that both ComStar and House Marik had developed a keen interest in the world. At Helm, Ricol had the Huntress and one other unspecified JumpShip at his disposal, with an implied combined carrying capacity of at least eight DropShips between them. The ships would end up bringing the Gray Death Legion's DropShips away from Helm.[4]


  • The apocryphal BattleTechnology magazine features a write-up on Duke Hassid Ricol in issue #0102 that also mentions the Huntress. The article even includes an image captioned as the Huntress, though while clearly depicting a JumpShip with its jump sail deployed the vessel does not resemble any known JumpShip class.


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