HW1 Hwacha
Production information
Manufacturer Hellespont 'Mech Works
Use Fire Support
Garrison Vehicle
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Advanced)
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Medium)
Equipment Rating
Introduced 3078
Technical specifications
Mass 50 Tons
Speed 32 km/h
Top Speed 52 km/h
Power Plant fuel cell (electric)
Fuel (Type/Range) 1,111 km
Communications System Unspecified
Fire Control System Advanced
Armament 3x MRM-20
Heat Sinks 0
Armor Unspecified
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) 6
Crew 14
2 Officers
2 enlisted
9 Gunners
BV (2.0) 570[1]


During the Jihad, the Capellan Confederation's forces were savaged by the onslaught of the war. After receiving the call from Capellan Confederation Armed Forces High Command to submit designs to help aid in the rebuilding of the armed forces, Hellespont 'Mech Works of Betelgeuse responded with the HW1 Hwacha.

The Hwacha is based on the Light SRM Carrier. The company used a blending of primitive technologies and modern weaponry as an attempt to market it as an updated version of the smaller machine at a low cost. The design was intended to assault smaller combat vehicles and unarmored infantry troops.

The vehicle was not attractive to many Confederation commanders in part due to Hellespont Betelgeuse's use of a Korean rather than Mandarin name, which some more zealous officers saw as mocking the Confederation's Xin Sheng revival, which forced the company to attempt to sell the vehicle outside the state. The vehicle would later be seen in the ranks of Periphery units and breakaway Free Worlds League states.[2]

Armament and Capacities[edit]

The Hwacha's sole weaponry lies in its three 20-tubed Medium Ranged Missile Launchers located in the turret. With nine gunners, the vehicle's turreted weapons are supplied with six tons of ammunition. The weapons are guided by a modern military Advanced Fire Control system.

The Hwacha's primary components, its engine, chassis and armor plating, all utilize primitive grade technology. Its hull is covered with a mere 3 tons of primitive grade armor.[3]


The Hwacha features Tech Level C Chassis, Engine/Controls and Armor.

As with many XTRO publications, the Hwacha's image is repurposed from the Light SRM Carrier from Technical Readout: 3060.[4]


At the time of this writing, ratings of the Hwacha were noted to have conflictions with the original entry found in XTRO: Retrotech. No canon fixes have been published as of this time.[5]


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