Production information
Manufacturer Clan Smoke Jaguar Unknown facility[1]
Tech Base Clan
Introduced 3059
Technical specifications
Mass 6 tons
Chassis Standard
Armor Standard
Engine 36 Fusion
Speed 65 km/h
Jump Jets None

1x Streak SRM-3
1x Micro Pulse Laser

BV (1.0) 139[2]
BV (2.0) 209[3]


Intended to serve as a medium assault unit, the Hydra carries heavy armor and a decent weapon suite. Unfortunately to get the armor and weaponry, the designers had to omit jump jets and a larger engine that would increase the Hydra's speed. These limitations aside, the Hydra is a good general purpose ProtoMech.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

For its primary weapon, the Hydra uses a Streak SRM-3 launcher. The ammunition efficiency of this weapon ensures that the pilot makes good use of its ten reloads. If the Streak ammo bin runs dry, the Hydra isn't helpless however, simply switching to using the torso mounted Micro Pulse Laser. It also boasts sufficient armoring to survive a direct hit by a PPC to its torso. However, the 36-rated fusion engine can only propel the Hydra to a cruising speed of 43 km/h.[4]


  • Hydra 2 
    Introduced in 3066, the Hydra 2 was centered around the use of a set of Jump Jets, at the expense of armor protection and weaponry. To accommodate the jets, the Hydra 2 carried a single Streak SRM 5 Launcher with one ton of ammunition.BV (2.0) = 223[5]
  • Hydra 3 
    A 3067 design, this variant was designed as a fire support ProtoMech. It is solely armed with a single torso-mounted LRM 6 Launcher. Hydra 3 was given increase of speed to 80 km/h and full set of Jump Jets. BV (2.0) = 247[6]
  • Hydra 4 
    An anti-infantry/Battle Armor design developed during the Jihad in 3072, this variant of the Hydra was given a signification armor boost for this role and armed with pair of AP Gauss Rifles, one as its main gun and one mounted in the torso. The design retains the original's movement speed. The paired AP gauss rifles have been give three tons of ammunition to sustain itself in a fire fight. BV (2.0) = 221[7]




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