Hypervelocity Autocannon

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The Hyper-Velocity Autocannon (HVAC) family of weapons is based on the Autocannon. While they have the same damage classes, they're capable of firing much further. However, in order to obtain the increased ballistic range, the hyper-velocity ammo is larger and uses a unique type of propellant, reducing the number of shots per ton of ammo along with a couple other drawbacks, such as a chance of the weapon exploding, and a thick smoke trail every time the weapon is fired.[1]

Like Ultra or Rotary autocannons, Hyper-Velocity autocannons are unable to make use of special munitions.[2][3]


As of 3059 there are three Hyper-Velocity Autocannon types developed by the Capellan Confederation:[3]



The Hyper-Velocity Autocannon is manufactured on the following planets:

Brand Planet Company Used by References
Unknown Betelgeuse Aldis Industries Unknown [2]
Unknown Terra ComStar manufacturing bases Unknown [2]
Unknown New Samarkand New Samarkand Metals Unknown [2]
Unknown Loyalty Kallon Industries Unknown [2]


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