iATM 9
Production information
Type Missile
Tech Base Clan Advanced Technology[1]
Year Availability 3070[1]
Technical specifications
Heat 6[1]
Damage Per ammunition[1]
Minimum Range Per ammunition
Short Range 5[1]
Medium Range 10[1]
Long Range 15[1]
Tons 5[1]
Critical Slots 4
Ammo Per Ton 7
Cost (unloaded) 450,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) Per ammunition


The Improved Advanced Tactical Missile 9 or iATM 9 is the second largest of the improved missile launchers developed by The Society. Capable of firing the standard ammunition types used by Advanced Tactical Missile launchers as well as Improved Inferno Ammunition and Improved Magnetic Pulse Ammunition, the iATM 9 offered significant improvements over its progenitor.

Like the standard ATM 9, the iATM 9 uses an advanced targeting system. Unlike the ATM this system is based on Streak SRM technology which insures that the missiles will only fire if there is a solid target lock. (This was probably beneficial to the poorly-trained MechWarriors available to the Society.) Unlike typical Streak missile systems, the iATM can fire indirectly to provide fire support to friendly units. The downside to this is that the Streak system doesn't operate when firing indirectly.[1]


This weapon was only produced by the Society, as such no Inner Sphere models exist.


Game Rules[edit]

The iATM 9 operates as a standard Streak missile launcher. A successful to-hit roll means that every missilehit the target, so there is no need to roll on the cluster hits table. Roll each target location hit as normal. If the to-hit roll indicates a miss, the system doesn't fire and no heat is generated. Each iATM system requires its own to-hit roll. The launcher requires a new targeting lock every turn, even if the previous turn generated a hit.[1]

The iATM 9 can be fired indirectly at enemy forces. When fired indirectly the Streak guidance system is ignored and the player must roll on the cluster hits table to find the number of missiles that hit the target.

The iATM 9 is incompatible with Targeting Computers.[1]


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