II Corps (Taurian Concordat)

Taurian II Corps Insignia
II Corps
Formed Early Succession Wars
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Parent Command TDF

The II Corps was a military brigade command consisting of multiple-regiment forces used to defend Taurian Concordat.

Due to the Taurian Concordat's long-standing hatred of House Davion, the defenders of the Federated Suns/Concordat border, the II Corps is among the most steadfast and celebrated of units within the TDF.



After the Reunification War II Corps was rebuilt by expanding on the Hyades Special Services regiments that had originally formed as part of the Taurian Guards Corps. The regiments were highly skilled in combined arms, and typically integrated militia armor and infantry assets into their order of battle. For rapid redeployment to counter Federated Suns incursions, a Concordat-class WarShip was assigned to each regiment along with the standard JumpShips. This allowed the regiments of II Corps to quickly smash the pirate forces they found along the Federated Suns border.[1]


Elements of the Brigade were deployed to loaned to the Trinity Alliance partner, the Capellan Confederation for their war against the St. Ives Compact. Forces deployed there were devastated in the conflict.[2]

In 3066, Hyades Light Infantry, along with other Corps were deployed to the FedSuns' Pleiades Cluster after the discovery of a route through the Cluster allowed for an assault against Taurus. The task force invading the Cluster initially took control of most of its worlds. However a powerful counterattack at direction Capellan March Lord, Duke George Hasek devastated the II Corps last combat regiment, the Hyades Light Infantry.[3] Survivors were absorbed into the Taurian Guards.[4]

After the destruction of the Hyades Light Infantry, the II Corps was temporarily disbanded, with Longwood's Bluecoats transferred to IV Corps[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the II Corps (Taurian Concordat)
Marshal Luke Bonilla 3064[6]

Other Officers[edit]


Every composed unit to the II Corps have his own tactic.

Composition History[edit]



  • Third Pleiades Hussars[7]
  • Thirtieth Concordat Chasseurs[7]


3025 to 3058[edit]


  • Concordat Cuirassiers[9]
  • Hyades Light Infantry[9]
  • Longwood's Bluecoats[9]


  • Concordat Cuirassiers[10]
  • Hyades Light Infantry[10]
  • Longwood's Bluecoats[10]


  • Hyades Light Infantry[6]
  • Longwood's Bluecoats - Mercenary[6]


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