IV Corps (Taurian Concordat)

Taurian IV Corps Insignia
IV Corps
Affiliation Taurian Concordat
Parent Command TDF

Formed in reaction to the creation of the Federated Commonwealth, the Taurian Defense Force's the IV Corps was intended to bolster the defense of the Taurian Concordat's borders with the Inner Sphere.


After the Reunification War IV Corps was destroyed. It was only rebuilt by the TDF after colonization of several systems took place. These systems built a planetary militia for defense, and four of these units were eventually assigned BattleMechs. These BattleMech equipped units became the Dumassas Legionnaires, a four-regiment brigade that the TDF used to rebuild IV Corps. At the time it was the newest corps in the TDF and the 'Mechs used were some of the oldest in the Concordat. Despite this, they were effective against bandit and pirate raids.[1]

As part of the Trinity Alliance IV Corps was sent to the Capellan Confederation as the Taurians' main military contribution.[2] The unit faced several serious conflicts during their tour of duty with the CCAF, and was heavily damaged. After a partial refit on Victoria the IV Corps units returned to Concordat space in time for the latest round of fighting with the Federated Suns. The Pleiades Lancers lost all cohesion after that assault, and was combined with the Pleiades Hussars. The Second Taurian Lancers were withdrawn to guard the border. Longwood's Bluecoats was transferred into IV Corps to bring it back up to strength.[3]

The Jihad was brutal to the unit, destroying every unit in the IV Corps.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the IV Corps (Taurian Concordat)


Every unit assigned to IV Corps has its own tactical specialty.

Composition History[edit]



  • Second Concordat Chasseurs[5]
  • Eighth Concordat Chasseurs[5]
  • Third Taurian Guard[5]


  • Second Concordat Chasseurs[5]
  • Third Taurian Guard[5]


  • Second Concordat Chasseurs[5]


3050 to 3064[edit]



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