Ian Calderon

Ian Calderon
Died 3048
Affiliation House Calderon
Parents Thomas Calderon (father)
Katherine Calderon (mother)
Siblings Edward Calderon
Janice Calderon
Felix Calderon
Jeffrey Calderon

Ian Calderon (b.30??, d.3048) was the third child of Thomas Calderon and Katherine Calderon.


He left both his family and the Concordat behind in 3042 to join the mercenary unit Green Mountain Boys as a MechWarrior.[1], [2] He was born after Janice Calderon but before Jeffrey Calderon which would put his birth year between 3020 and 3027 respectively.

In 3042, while serving a short tour in the Taurian Concordat, the Boys received a boon when Ian Calderon, heir to then-Protector Thomas Calderon, joined the Boys along with a host of fellow Taurian nationals. Thus it was a much larger Green Mountain Boys that returned to Canopian space in 3048, assigned to defend the fringe world of Thraxa from Marian raiders. Unfortunately, while on Thraxa, a Thraxan devourer consumed the Boys’ royal celebrity. The tragedy sparked scandal and outrage though no one could be faulted. Captain Thomas Everett is the son of Rachael Sullivan, the former lover of Ian Calderon. The question of Thomas’ sire has never been brought up and the unit prefers to keep it that way. Investigative reporters are thus not treated well by the troops.[3]


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