Ian Cameron (26th c.)

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Ian Cameron
Ian Cameron
Born2 August 2514[1][2]
Died24 August 2602[1][2]
AffiliationHouse Cameron
Title(s)First Lord
ParentsSamson Anders (father)
Deborah Cameron (mother)[2]
SiblingsJoseph Cameron[3][2]
SpouseShandra Noruff[2]
ChildrenTimothy Cameron
Nicholas Cameron[2]

Ian Cameron was a Terran Hegemony Nobleman, politician, one of the founders of the Star League and 13th Director-General of the Terran Hegemony.[2]


Early Life and Career[edit]

Youngest son of Director-General Deborah Cameron, he witnessed his mother moving forward with her Strategy of Aggressive Peacemaking policies. Her peacemaking would be the foundation of his future policies.

In 2533, his mother would announce that he would be betrothed to Shandra Noruff, Baroness from New Earth and military officer in the HAF. This announcement came when Ian had joined HAF. He was extremely angry at his mother, as he felt he was being forced to marry a woman he didn't know. He refused to talk to his mother for a year, which brought pain in his relationship with his mother. At the time he was firm believer of being free to pick any woman he chose.

His mother and the Duke of New Earth arranged an official meeting for the fated couple to meet at a grand ball. Their meeting was brief and both of them left as soon as possible. His mother and the Duke began to wonder if the arranged marriage was a good idea, but decided to force him and Shandra to write to each other to foster a relationship. These exchanges of letters built a connection that would cement their contracted marriage on April 12th, 2535. Ian's wedding to Shandra included rose petals dropped by helicopter, thousands of well wishers and their limousine being escorted by two BattleMechs from each of their respective military units. A year later they had a son, Timothy, however he was born with an inoperable heart defect and died shortly after.[4]

After serving as an officer in the Hegemony's Armed Forces, he served as ambassador-at-large for his mother and later his brother.

Within a few years of his mother's retirement and his brother's reign, unseen problems within the military began to rise. A Cabal of soldiers and officers had formed, due to Lady Deborah's new policy of diplomacy over military actions. They were tired of being overshadowed by his mother's funding towards Diplomats; they began to plot ways to regain their status and restore their funding.

Ian's life would be changed forever after a few years of his brother's reign. One of the disenchanted officers of the cabal took matters into his own hands and gunned down his brother.[5]

The September Revolt[edit]

In September 28th 2549, Ian declared himself Director-General of the Hegemony without any trappings of limited election traditionally conducted. The next day, elements of the 51st Dragoon Regiment began a military coup of the Hegemony on Terra. They had seized the nerve centers of the control network and political institutions, principally in Geneva. They had hoped that by seizing the initiative created with the assassination of Joseph Cameron to take power for themselves.

Ian was located in Mexico City, where he was staying at his local private residence. Upon hearing of the revolt, he deployed a regiment of the Household Guard to Europe where they were ordered to surround the city. Ian then called on all soldiers of the military to swear oath of loyalty to the Hegemony and Cameron family.

In Geneva, Ian had tried to minimize damage inflicted on the ancient city, by having food, water, and utilities cut off while he allowed the rebels' demands to be heard. Within ten days of the start of the siege of Geneva, rebel troops began fighting among themselves. Ian's Loyalist forces moved into the city to rescue civilians who had been held hostage by the rebel troops. His loyalist force began to clash with the Rebels and began a full scale battle in the streets. Ian ordered his forces to keep the fighting to a minimum in order to not endanger any civilians and damage the city. However, rebels took advantage of Ian's forces reluctance to engage them. Despite this, by end of the day, Ian's forces had surrounded the surviving rebels and they surrendered.[6]

A month after the recapture of Geneva, Ian dispatched military forces to capture the last of the soldier cabals located at the Dresser Military Base on Lipton. Ian carefully administered punishment towards the Rebel troops, with an eye on preventing such events from happening again. His forces had captured 3,000 rebel troops, of those troops a thousand of them were sentenced to death. The remaining prisoners would receive life jail terms, however over course of next ten years they would be paroled.[7]

Revolt Aftermath and the Dream of the Star League[edit]

In the wake of the military coup, Ian began to deal with the Hegemony's other problems. He first increased funding towards new military innovations and research, in order to appease the HAF's military and trying to shore up the Hegemony's dwindling technological edge over its interstellar neighbors. He also established the Department of Military Investigations within the HCIB, to ensure military loyalty.

The Hegemony's economy was also threatened due to their resources being largely depleted. His ambitions to further push technological improvement would be unattainable unless more resources could be found. He did not want the Hegemony to become dependent on other nations for their needs, so he turned to his long held dream; unification of humanity under the Hegemony's leadership.

He drew out plans and began to lay the foundation of his ambition which started with a revitalization of the Hegemony’s armed forces. He then turned the Hegemony's Foreign Relations department where he expanded its capacities. Aside from starting the development of Interstellar Communication, he secretly laid plans for the Star League, which would tie the economies of the Great Houses to the Hegemony's. He believed originally that it would take 50 years for his plan League to be realized.[8]

Building of the Star League[edit]

Tale of two treaties[edit]

By 2551, the Third Andurien War was being waged between House Liao and House Marik. Ian attempted to persuade both warring leaders that war was folly. However, the Confederation's leader, Chancellor Terrence Liao was not interested in stopping the war, since it was a means for him to promote himself and gain a reputation. However, Liao's rival, Captain-General Albert Marik, was indeed interested in Ian's ideas and dreams of a unified Inner Sphere. He too had a similar desire to end what appeared to be ceaseless war. After years of fighting, Ian once again tried to negotiate a peace treaty in 2556 between the two warring factions. Terrence Liao's nation fared badly in the war, open opportunity for Ian to end the war and try to convince Liao to sign on for the Star League. With the aid of Albert Marik in form of conceding ownership of Andurien, Ian managed to convince the skeptical Chancellor to sign on to the Star League. He offered a "favorite nation" trade agreement to help convince Liao to join.

On June 3rd, 2556, two treaties were signed, publicly the Andurien Peace Treaty of 2556, signed by Albert Marik and Terrence Liao, ending the Third Andurien War. However a second secret treaty was signed, the Treaty of Geneva, which laid the foundation of the Star League.[9]

In the Treaty of Geneva, Ian laid the plans for the creation of the Star League, including laying down a framework to combine the economies of league member worlds, as well as establishing a single currency, the Star League Dollar. His plan would also allow member states to retain control of their respective realms and identities. He would allow some advanced technologies to be exported to member states in exchange for House Cameron to be recognized as the leading heir to the new realm's title of First Lord of the Star League. He mandated as part of the membership to the Star League that member states must pay taxes, as well as to contribute equipment, soldiers and land for establishment of the League's armed forces; The Star League Defense Force.[10]

During this time of establishing the Star League, the Terran Hegemony's resource problems were alleviated by the establishment of the League. Its joint ownership of worlds within neighboring nations, would help bring in more raw materials to the resource starved Terran Hegemony.[11]

The Tharkad Accords[edit]

Despite the secrecy of the signing of the Geneva Treaty, rumors of its content soon got out and word spread among interstellar nations of the Inner Sphere. Publicly, people's reactions were in favor, but they questioned how it would work. Ian tried to keep the treaty's content a secret to lessen problems when he tried to convince the remaining Inner Sphere realms to sign on. With the assistance of Albert Marik, Ian would target House Steiner leadership as part of the next step in establishing the League. The Lyran Commonwealth was an economic powerhouse; Ian felt its inclusion into the League was vital. Ian wanted it as a stabilizing force to help the League's future economy, however Lyran leadership had shown disinterest in the past to plans of the League. Archon Craig Steiner, who had crafted his realm's economy to its peak at the time, felt the Star League would absorb his nation's economic might. However, things changed in 2555, when his successor Tracial Steiner came to power. She felt the League's defense forces would better augment the Commonwealth's defense due to their stronger leadership. Ian crafted a treaty with Tracial, which would establish two military academies in her nation, on Skye and Tharkad. She would sign the Tharkad Accords in 2558, becoming the next member of the Star League.[12]

New Avalon Accords and the Treaty of Vega[edit]

Negotiations with the Federated Suns would be delayed, as First Prince Alexander Davion, having overseen the end of the Davion Civil War, felt his nation would join the Star League only after his nation had recovered from the war. It was not until 2567 when the First Prince felt his nation had strengthened enough to enter the League. The New Avalon Accords would include writing that would assure that, should the Draconis Combine threaten war against House Davion, preemptive actions would be taken by the Star League Defense Force.

Ian had a tougher time selling the membership of the League to House Kurita. Even though its leader, Coordinator Hehiro Kurita felt his nation would benefit from joining, he felt that it was going be difficult to convince his nobility of its virtues. House Kurita's nobility was egotistical and stubborn, seeing themselves as far greater than they actually were and not needing the Star League. It would take two years after negotiations began, and many concessions by Ian, to enable Lord Kurita to bring in his Great House into aegis of the Star League. On August 15th, 2569 the Draconis Combine finally joined as member of the Star League, giving birth to the Star League.[13]

First Lord of the Star League[edit]

After the last treaty signed between the Great Houses and House Cameron, two years would pass until Ian's Star League became operational. In 2571, the 2,000-page Star League Accords would be signed into law in Hegemony Congress on July 9th. The ceremony included each of the six Great Houses' leaders, including Ian, reading out loud from the preamble of the Star League and sign the document. It had been rumored, after Ian wrote his signature on a document, a single tear from his eye would stain document just below his name. He would name his wife, then Commander of the Hegemony Armed Forces, as Star League Defense Force's first Commander-in-Chief.[14]

After the signing of the Accords of the Star Oz League, Ian began look forward to the next goal in his plans to unify humanity; the Periphery.

He dispatched copies of the Star League Accords to various periphery nations, which would serve as a form of invitation to join the League. However, all periphery nations had refused the invitation to join. Ian and his council lords publicly showed regret of their rejection. He then had propaganda produced, portraying the periphery nations' people as lost and dangerous people.[15]

In 2572, Ian found that it was impossible for him to both control retain control of the Hegemony and Star League. He would designate the Director-General position as of that year to be held by either heir to First Lord or President of Hegemony Congress. With the establishment of Star League's Bureau of Star League Affairs to run the affairs of the League's bureaucracy in 2573, Ian would regularly consult his fellow Lords on individuals he'd like to appoint to various positions in the six departments of the Bureau.[16]

Troubles with the Periphery[edit]

After a series of skirmishes with former troops who were removed from service, some involving SLDF forces, Ian would be forced into action. In the spring of 2572 Ian would inform the Council Lords that the member states should bring their armies back to war status to help manage former soldiers now marauding various worlds. As part of this effort he had the SLDF organize massive military exercises on Periphery border worlds. He had envisioned this to help keep the League and member state troops better trained and also to provide employment for former troops that were discharged from the armies. In the fall of that year the exercises would prove to be an embarrassment to Ian and the Star League. The 13 SLDF Divisions would show they were still not as sharp as the 10 member states' forces they were training with and the exercise proved to bolster Ian's adversaries among the Periphery nations' leadership. However, in the end the League gained a treaty allowing the SLDF to have bases on border regions of the Periphery.[17]

During this time, a series of events occurred between Ian's Star League member states and nations of the Periphery. Outworlds Alliance President Catherine Avellar purchased a few companies worth of light- and medium-size BattleMechs for use in her nation's small army. Scattered reports and rumors were received by various powers of the purchase and the amount was inflated to a regiment's worth of BattleMechs. With the "discovery" of a regiment of BattleMechs in the Outworlds Alliance Ian felt the League needed to act. He issued Star League Order 21, where certain worlds in the Alliance must allow elements of the SLDF forces on their soil as part of defensive measure from banditry and pirates bands. Ian sent SLDF Regular units along with Draconis Combine forces to the Alliance. Among House Kurita units were the 17th Galedon Regulars. The Regulars, like other units, were ordered to conduct a search for these rogue 'Mechs and were assigned to the world of Santiago. The local population did not look favorably upon this and regularly heckled the Combine troops. Later a member of the Galedon Regulars, patrolling the poor parts of one of the cities, would spark the Santiago Massacre after killing 27 civilians in a panic. Other Periphery nations began to distrust the Star League in general and withdraw from negotiations with them.[18][19]

In February of 2573 a Taurian fleet of five WarShips would have a malfunction stranding them well in Federated Suns space. With the ships' navigation and communication malfunctioning, the ships would end up in orbit over the world of Fontana in the Malagrotta system. Miners on the House Davion controlled world sent panicked communications believing this to be an invasion to local Davion Command which would respond with a fleet of ten WarShips and attack the Taurians on sight. Only a single cruiser would survive to withdraw to the Taurian Concordat which began readying its military and assumed a defensive posture.

When the truth of what really occurred surfaced the Federated Suns officials began a cover-up to hide the incident. Then leader of the FedSuns, Lord Alexander Davion, would appeal to Ian Cameron for assistance in negotiating with the Taurians, however the Taurians refused to let Lord Ian become involved. This rebuff to his assistance angered Ian and he would be quoted in saying:

We have been compassionate and prudent long enough. I'll be damned if I'm going pull any more punches

He would then publicly side with Federated Suns and present to the media that it was Taurians who caused the incident. He then granted the Federated Suns compensation for cost of their losses in the Taurians' "invasion". The Concordat government would refuse any more diplomatic communications with the League or the FedSuns and this incident and its aftermath would later called the Malagrotta Crisis.[20][21]

War with the Periphery[edit]

After the Malagrotta Crisis, Ian and his Council Lords were left split on how to deal with this latest incident with the Periphery. Economic sanctions were placed on the Periphery nations, however these sanctions caused economic problems for Star League member states as well. A number of corporations were unable cope with the additional cost of tariffs, and many defaulted on loans and went into bankruptcy. With millions of people losing jobs, most notably in the Lyran Commonwealth and Free Worlds League, Ian called the Council Lords to an emergency meeting on the Hegemony world of Pollux in December 2574. The Council Lords petitioned for war to be declared on the Periphery nations, feeling that a war would deflect blame and possibly simulate their own economies in the midst of the economic sanctions they had tried to use to bring the Periphery to their knees. Ian agreed, seeing his work of forming the Star League being threatened by a people he viewed as barbaric. He also felt that a war against the Periphery would be the means to help unify the Great Houses under the banner of the Star League. He then issued the Pollux Proclamation, which called on the Periphery to submit to the league. Giving them only three months to respond, it was more a thinly veiled declaration of war against the Periphery, than an attempt at peaceful reconciliation.[22]

In February of 2575, as part of League preparation for war, Ian would issue an edict, known as Directive 22, to each of the League's member states to submit troops for the war effort. He would appoint his wife and SLDF commanding officer, General Shandra Cameron, to overall command of the League's war efforts. The SLDF would form the command structure of expeditions for use in four separate campaigns.[23]

In March, Ian received word from the Periphery's "ambassador", who represented the Independent States of the Periphery, that they would not submit to his League. Ian then had the Bureau of Star League Affairs begin a media campaign aimed to produce propaganda for the coming war. He would strip the Bureau's leader, Duke Mitchell DeGrason, old friend and the best man at his wedding, of his title as head of the organization when he showed his disapproval of Ian's propaganda campaign.[24][25]

Meanwhile, in April, Gregory Amaris, besieged President of the Rim Worlds Republic, pleaded for help after his own action against rebels of the Rim Republic Army and his own citizens placed him under house arrest. His plea for help would go unanswered for 20 years.[26][27]

Ian would be part of the planning for the Taurian Campaign into the Periphery, where he would send six SLDF Corps into the Taurian Concordat, with a large number of Auxiliary Corps forces made up of Federated Sun troops by the end of 2576. With his wife resigning from Commander of the SLDF, he would appoint General Carlos Dangmar Lee as her replacement.

During the course of the conflict, the Taurians would use a variety of methods to try and stop the oncoming SLDF forces, from the trickery of the Taurian Navy to human waves of troops throwing themselves in front of SLDF forces with only laser rifles and satchel charges. After the Taurians' string of early victories, Ian and the council lords would use this as leverage to issue a formal declaration of war in 2578. He would then state that the SLDF would no longer abide to the Ares Conventions, stating:

When fighting barbarians, one must fight fire with fire.

During the course of the Taurian campaign, Ian would replace commanders for various reasons. Finally in 2596, Ian's last campaign against the Periphery ended with the Taurians signing a formal surrender.[28]

End of the Reunification War and his death[edit]

The Taurian campaign would be last of the Reunification War, a victory for Ian's Star League. Annexation of the Periphery Territorial States became an economic boom that helped the Inner Sphere fuel its economic recovery.[29] In 2600, his wife Shandra died. Within a few weeks of her death, Ian named his son Nicholas as heir to the throne of the Star League. Two years later, Ian would pass away and his son would assume the throne.[30]

Family and Legacy[edit]

Ian Cameron would marry Duchess of New Earth, Lady Shandra and they would have two children. His first son, Timothy would die within a week of his birth, while his second son, Nicholas would take up the reins for him to become the second First Lord of the Star League.

During the Reunification War, Ian's ignoring the plight of his beleaguered ally, President of the Rim World Republic Gregory Amaris, planted the seeds of resentment towards Ian Cameron's family and led to House Cameron's destruction.[31]


Among other honors, Ian Cameron Shipyards in the Terran system was named in his honor.


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