Ian Moon

Ian Moon (born 28?? - died 29??) was a Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar during the late years of the Golden Century. His reign is remembered mostly for his harsh reaction to the events surrounding the infamous Londerholm Revolt.[1]


In the mold of many other Khans of Clan Smoke Jaguar, Khan Ian Moon would tolerate no dissent to his rule or that of his warriors.

Londerholm's Revolt[edit]

In 2912, a famine caused a critical food shortage in the lower castes of the planet Londerholm. After Khan Moon's refusal to apportion the laborers some of the warrior caste's food supply, the civilians would take matters into their own hands, stopping a shipment at the space port city of Vostok. An angered Khan Moon then dispatched the 181st Battle Cluster to hold all ports on the planet and guard the precious supplies until they were shipped. After the last shipments of food left the system, the 181st razed the city of Vostok to ashes as punishment to the rioters. The Jaguar unit also seized the merchant manifests that were at the space port. In so doing they found out that the merchant caste had been diverting food supplies for several years. Though this practice was often the only thing that kept the laborers alive, Khan Moon and the Clan Council would still levy severe punishment on the merchant caste for stealing, and also blaming them for inciting the laborers of Londerholm to revolt.[1][2]

Unrest on Atreus[edit]

News of the crushed revolt soon spread to other Jaguar worlds. On Atreus, the merchants blocked the landing of DropShips from the 1st Jaguar Caviliers. The two Trinaries landed anyway and proceeded to level the city. After the lower castemen issued a plea for forgiveness from their protectors, invoking the rite of surkai as well as quoting the Great Founder, Khan Moon still would not admonish his warriors for their unsanctioned attack on the city. Instead, he commended them for their actions, and ordered all of the merchants and their families executed. Not stopping there, he stripped the few remaining political rights from the Smoke Jaguar lower castes, empowering the warrior caste yet further to prevent future rebellions.[1]

Justifying the Means[edit]

When several other Khans raised objections to the Smoke Jaguar response, Khan Ian Moon was forced to defend his actions. Arguing that if another Clan were to interfere with a dispute between two castes within Clan Smoke Jaguar, then any Clan could interfere with the internal workings of any other Clan for any reason. Cowed by the sharp threat behind his logic, the Grand Council would fall silent regarding the Londerholm and associated incidents.[1]


Born into a Bloodname House known for its Elementals,[3] Ian Moon's legacy would be secured by his leadership, as well as his decisive crushing of all dissent in ruthless, brutal fashion. But by ordering the execution of thousands of merchant caste citizens, Khan Ian Moon succeeded in hobbling his Clan for many decades,[4] though his warriors would not know this since they refused to acknowledge the impact of economics on their own caste.[2] Of course, certain more-cynical analysts have noted that the actions of the Smoke Jaguar warrior caste displayed a far keener understanding of economics than what they have been given credit for in the past.[5]

Title and Position[edit]

Preceded by
Khan of Clan Smoke Jaguar
???? - 29??

Succeeded by


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