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Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Fortress
In service until destroyed ca. August 3025[1]

The Iberia was a Fortress-class DropShip associated with the Taurian Concordat.

Described as a "rogue" at the time, it was brought down at Coromodir at the conclusion of the Arano Restoration campaign,[2] in ca. August of 3025.[1]

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The Iberia was operating in the Aurigan Reach circa 3025. Its last captain was Commodore Samuel Ostergaard.[3]

It originally encountered the Arano Restoration's forces in the Artru system, where Kamea Arano explored the Outpost Castle Nautilus to retrieve its LosTech. The Iberia originally hid on Artru's second moon, before landing on the planet itself an hour later, deploying a battalion of BattleMechs. Its commander, Samuel Ostergaard, had jumped at the chance to bring down Kamea Arano, due to her role in the death of his son. and one of the Restoration's Leopards was destroyed. After Kamea and her lance demolished Castle Nautilus and escaped Artru, the Iberia went to Smithon V, leading the brutal Taurian assault on the planet, devastating the ancestral home of House Karosas and killing much of its population in an attempt to lure Kamea, with Samuel himself freeing Victoria Espinosa and killing the surviving members of House Karosas, Simon and his son, Otto.

After the Taurians turned on the Aurigan Directorate due to their role in the Perdition Massacre and a failed mutiny on the ship, Ostergaard went rogue and continued to fight alongside the Directorate, his mind and sanity utterly devoured by his hatred of Kamea. When the Restoration forces landed on Coromodir VI, the Iberia entered orbit, with Ostergaard fully willing to burn everything on its surface to the ground.


In a desperate attempt to stop the Iberia and keep it from slaughtering Coromodir's population, the mercenary company formerly known as Markham's Marauders led an assault on the system's primary comm station on Coromodir VI's second moon, Lyris. With the help of Farah Murad, they transmitted the Locura virus code to the Iberia, destroying the ship's engines and fuel tanks, deorbiting it in the process. As a result, the Iberia crashed on the planet's surface, taking not only Samuel and what remained of his crew, but also the ship's remaining BattleMechs, saving the Restoration forces.[3]

Apocryphal Content Ends


The Iberia first appeared in the apocryphal BattleTech (Video Game) by Harebrained Schemes LLC. It was later mentioned by name and class in the fully canonical House Arano: The Aurigan Coalition sourcebook,[2] properly canonizing it (but not its exact history prior to crashing on Coromodir).


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