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Idlewind nearby systems
Idlewind nearby systems
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System Information
X:Y Coordinates 123.552 : 429.051[e]

Political Affiliation[edit]


Atmospheric pressure Breathable

Planetary History[edit]

In 3025 Idlewind was a center of trade with the Periphery in the Trondheim Prefecture. The port suffered, however, with most traders having concerns about trading with the Combine.[31]

Clan Invasion[edit]

During the Clan Invasion, the Third Jaguar Cavaliers of Clan Smoke Jaguar invaded the planet. The Third Cavalier's Assault Trinary, commanded by Star Colonel Paul Moon, made the initial landing only to discover the planet was lightly protected by a local militia known as the Idlewind Stormtroopers. Little more than a battalion of heavy armor and a regiment of mechanized infantry, Star Colonel Moon decided that the units under his command would bid for the right to lead the rest in conquering the world. The bidding was eventually won by Star Commander Joal leading a pair of Elemental Points.[32]

Star Commander Joal issued his batchall to the defenders, who agreed to meet them in a wooded area approximately two kilometers from the capital Breezemont. When the Elementals made their drop onto the designated battlefield from their troop carriers, they were suddenly engulfed in a raging inferno when the dozens of hidden napalm bombs planted by the militia detonated. Completely protected within their armored suits, the Elementals emerged from the fire unscathed and enraged. They destroyed several tanks and infantry they could, with a single casualty. Joal killed in person the Stormtroopers' commander, Tai-Sa Marc Lutz. Any enemy dishonorable enough to use such cowardly tactics deserved no mercy and, reasoning that the militia was hiding in the nearby capital, Star Commander Joal declared the entire city a legitimate target and led the rest of Assault Trinary's forces in a sweep of Breezemont.[32]

The local citizens resisted with whatever they had on hand, but they were no match for the advanced technology the invaders brought against them. Street by street the Jaguar warriors searched for the militia, destroying buildings and even tearing up pavement, slaying every defender they saw. Within three hours the militia had been annihilated, along with half of the capital's population and most of its buildings. In the aftermath of the slaughter, Khan Lincoln Osis defended his forces actions before the Grand Council, explaining that it was the second time Smoke Jaguar warriors had been deceived by the Inner Sphere "barbarians" and that a lesson needed to be taught.[32]

Operation BULLDOG[edit]

Idlewind was invaded in the fourth wave of Operation BULLDOG by 6th Ghost; the defending Fifth Garrison Cluster had retreated off-planet by the time the invaders arrived.[33]

Following its reintegration into the Combine Idlewind experienced a gradual increase in its population, and consequently its militia size.[26]

Second Combine-Dominion War[edit]

During the Second Combine-Dominion War Idlewind was invaded by three Clusters of the Ghost Bear Dominion's Polar Galaxy in mid-November 3100. While the recent addition of the First Ghost regiment to the militia had bolstered Idlewind's defenses significantly, the outnumbered First Ghost was still forced to leave the planet after two weeks of fighting, ceding it to the Dominion.[26]

Militarry Deployment[edit]




- At this point in time the 16th Sung Zhang Academy Cadre were deployed across, Idlewind and Turtle Bay. The 16th was at 60% of full strength, with 70% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time the 13th Sun Zhang Cadre were deployed across Richmond and Idlewind. The 13th was at 85% of full strength, with 96% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Breezemont:[39]
  • Leeward Grove: planetary capital in 3100[26]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 24 systems (22 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Kiruna 17.8 Glabach 20.5 Constance 23.5 New Ceylon 25.2
Jarett 25.5 Richmond 27.4 Rockland 28.1 Ferranil 28.6
Thule 40.1 Nykvarn 40.3 Turtle Bay 40.6 Garstedt 47.1
Isfahan 50.5 Almunge 51.3 Pinnacle 51.7 Schwartz 52.8
Brocchi's Cluster 55.7 Polcenigo 56.2 Trondheim 56.2 Porthos 57.5
Damian 59.0 Last Frontier 59.8 Schuyler 62.0 Holmsbu 67.1


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