If You Can’t Take The Heat

If You Can’t Take The Heat
Product information
Type Scenario
Pages 1
Publication information
Publisher WizKids
First published May 2006
Era Dark Age era
Series MWDA Scenarios
Preceded by Beneath the Seas of Fire
Followed by A Matter of Honor (Scenario)

If You Can’t Take The Heat is an official scenario pack for the MechWarrior: Dark Age (MWDA) Clix game, containing a single scenario. It was first published through the now defunct LinkNet website that WizKids maintained in support of their MechWarrior: Dark Age game line, to support organised play and tournaments.


The search for resources to fuel continued pushes into Republic-abandoned space means not even the greenhouse-effect plagued planet of Konstance is spared seeing an invasion force. In the former capital of Konstantinople, now reclaimed by nature, the Mailed Fist meets the Dragon as House Steiner and House Kurita clash.

Featured planets[edit]