Ignis Infantry Support Tank
Production information
Manufacturer United Mechanics, LLC[1]
Production Year 2512[2]
Mission Anti-Infantry,
Infantry Support,
urban assault,
Type Tracked
Cost 302,250 C-bills[2]
Technical specifications
Mass 30 tons[1]
Armor Garbonne Crystal-Plate 9[1]
Engine RWA 120 Internal Combusion Engine[1]
Speed 64 [1] km/h
Crew N/A[1]
Communications System FR-es Special-II[1]
Targeting Tracking System Lester ATR[1]

Weapons Listings

BV (2.0) 463[1][2][3][4]


Designed by United Mechanics, LLC on Apollo for the Rim Worlds Republic as an anti-insurgent vehicle. Originally based on an infantry personnel carrier, it was designed for urban assault against urban shelters. The vehicle was used to ram its target buildings so it could deliver its infantry squad into the breached structure. Originally named the Ram, the vehicle crews during its original time of use, came to use another name. It was referred to as the Ignis, with flamers reminding them of the Vedic god of fire. The vehicle at that time was only used by the Republic's state security forces. The vehicle was retired after a decade of use. However, its usage made it a memorial vehicle in the Rim World's history.[1]

In 2751, President Stefan Amaris brought the Ignis back into production for his Amaris Dragoon regiments. Exclusively assigning crews who had strong hatred for the Star League. When it was deployed with the Dragoons, the vehicle was deployed in dedicated Ignis companies. Due to its high maintenance issues, units regularly kept a pool of twice as many vehicles as available crews, so enough vehicles would be available. During the Amaris Coup, the Ignis was noted for its atrocities against civilians in the Terran Hegemony.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The vehicle is armed with a pair of Vehicle Flamers mounted on its left and right flanks. Its flamer supply includes up 4 tons of ammunition for them. Mounted in a small turret is a single Machine Gun with a half ton of ammunition.[1]

The vehicle is protected by nine tons of armor, with four tons dedicated to the front of the vehicle for ramming structures. The vehicle is also equipped with a one ton Infantry Bay for squads of troops to be deployed.[1]


  • SRM 
    Created as a Anti-light BattleMech and Vehicle variant of the Ignis introduced in 2751[5]. Retaining the infantry bay, the vehicle drops two of its four flamers and 3 tons of ammo. This was exchanged for a pair of SRM 2 launchers mounted in the turret with 2 tons of ammunition. The vehicle crews were noted using alternate ammunition types such as Inferno, Harpoon, Tear Gas and Fragmentation. BV (2.0) = 502[6][7][5]



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