IlChi was an office created by Clan Blood Spirit Khan and founder Colleen Schmitt in 2822.[1]


Meaning State Messenger, the ilChi was an ambassadorial position meant to foster good will between the Clans. The first Blood Spirit saKhan, Devon Boques, is also noted as the first ilChi, named to the posting due to his excellent rapport with Clan Steel Viper.[2] As the Golden Century dawned, many of the other Clans began to deride the Blood Spirit's efforts as unClanlike. Sometime after the Not-Named Clan's Annihilation, the Grand Council voted to censure the Blood Spirit Khans, a measure supported by ilKhan Nicholas Kerensky. With feelings of great betrayal by their once-brother and sister Clans, the position was bitterly withdrawn.[1][3]

History: Fire Mandrills[edit]

The Blood Spirits would live in isolation from the other Clans for many years, though there were exceptions. Some time during the 3060's, the leaders of Kindraa Smythe-Jewel of Clan Fire Mandrill contacted the Blood Spirits, arranging the exchange via a series of Trials of Possession of land on Foster and some minor Blood Heritages for the newly developed OmniMech technology. Disbelieving that another Clan would offer anything but treachery at first, Khan Ceana Boques slowly warmed to the idea that another Clan might be worthy of trust and honor. She would later re-institute the office of ilChi after decades of disuse, cementing the good relations between the two Clans. Though it would stop short of an actual alliance, both parties agreed to look out for each others interests when it came to defense and the private development of their respective Clans.[4]

After the Great Refusal, the relationship between the Blood Spirits and the Fire Mandrills would become increasingly close under the watch of ilChi Jas Keller, often coordinating defenses and assaults with one another. The office of ilChi was said to be highly instrumental in bringing about this development.[5][6][7][8]

History: Snow Raven[edit]

Later, during the Political Century, the Blood Spirits were again surprised by another Clan's desire to work through peaceful solutions. Clan Snow Raven, who had possession of a small enclave on York since the Golden Century, was approached by the Blood Spirit ilChi for the first time in over one hundred years. Khan Fara Church authorized the ilChi to barter the unused WarShips of the Blood Spirit fleet in exchange for second-line BattleMechs. Khan Ewan McCorkell of the Snow Ravens was keen to work out the trade, which he saw to be in his Clan's best interests. An exchange of two Galaxies of BattleMechs for three unused WarShips was worked out and executed over a thirty year stretch, from 2980 to 3010, when the last shipment of 'Mechs arrived at York.[9][10]

In later times, the ilChi to Clan Snow Raven, Bri McFadden, would remain busy, exchanging assets and materials and continuing the two Clans' good relations. As the Wars of Reaving approached, both Clans were conscious of assisting one another through the turbulent political waters of the Clan Homeworlds.[11][12][13]

History: Cloud Cobra[edit]

In 3067, Carmen Zadok was appointed by Karianna Schmitt to attend to relations with Clan Cloud Cobra. Both Clans shared intelligence and research, leading to the development of the ProtoMech warrior phenotype years later.[5][14][15]


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