Illician Lancers

Insignia of the Illician Lancers
Illician Lancers
Formed 2572
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent
Sub-Command(s) Fourth Rangers

Ninth Rangers

Twenty-first Rangers

Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment

The Illician Lancers were a mercenary regiment founded during the Star League era by the members of the ancient, knightly Illician Order. Though they have served most Great Houses, they are best known for their long years of loyal service to House Davion.


Star League[edit]

Born of a knightly brotherhood with thousands of members that claimed citizenship in every major stellar nation, the Illician Lancers were officially formed in 2572, as the Great House militaries slowly stood down and the power of the SLDF grew. What separated the Lancers from the common House soldiery was their proud status as brothers and sisters of the Illician Order, an ancient military brotherhood based out of Illicia on the island of Sicily. When the Order decided to finally come together as one, the majority of its members voluntarily left the service of their home nation's military and joined up. The Lancers had such numbers that on first muster, they were larger in size than a standard SLDF 'Mech division.[1][2]

The Lancers' principles, nobility of character, skills, and overwhelming numbers soon made them very popular as a mercenary group, and they found great success among the factions of the Inner Sphere. They worked for every Star League member state over the course of the next two centuries, eventually even coming to serve alongside the SLDF. Such was their reputation that the brigade suffered from almost too many prospective members, and were never found wanting for manpower. They could charge whatever price they asked for their services and clients would gladly pay, knowing that their unit was worth the expense. When the Amaris Civil War sparked off, the Illician Lancers sided with General Aleksandr Kerensky and the rest of the SLDF. Though primarily used in a support role, the First and Seventh Illician Rangers regiments were selected to participate in the final invasion of Terra in 2777 and subsequently destroyed in the horrible fighting during the two year battle. When the war was over, the remainder of the Lancers gathered together and journeyed to Illicia to pay their respects to their founding Order. There they found that their sacred sites had been completely destroyed in the fighting, as had the Illician Order's headquarters.[1][2]

Succession Wars[edit]

Without a guiding force, the Illician Lancers returned to what they knew best, signing on as mercenaries in the Lyran Commonwealth's employ. They served there during the First Succession War, taking part in Operation SPIDERWEB, the LCAF's plan to secure a group of Free Worlds League planets in an area dubbed the Solaris Bulge. Though they fought well, the barbaric nature of the war meant that the Illician Lancers took appalling losses during the opening years of that conflict. They remained contracted to House Steiner throughout the Second Succession War, and fought continuously along the hotly-contested Free Worlds League border. By the conflict's end, only four regiments of the Lancers' original nine remained, and none were at full strength.[3][4]

By the time of the the Third Succession War, the Lancers had taken a contract with the Capellan Confederation. This contract proved to be nearly disastrous for them, as not only did they suffer under CCAF abuse but the Confederation actively sought to entrap the Lancers in the "company store" via exploitation of payments, debts, and contracts. The Lancers were forced to sell most of their JumpShip assets to pay off this engineered debt, and quickly signed on with House Davion for the remainder of the war. They remained employed by the AFFS, and subsequently the AFFC, in a contract that was agreed upon between both the Lancers and the Federated Suns outside the oversight of the MRBC.[1][2]

The Illician Lancers were first posted to the Draconis March border, where after some initial successes, they suffered a series of defeats that prompted AFFS high command to redeploy them to the Capellan March. There, they contended with the constant political machinations of the Hasek family and steady incursions from CCAF forces. After the death of Duke Michael Hasek-Davion, the Lancers found an unlikely ally in Duke Morgan Hasek-Davion, who gave the Lancers a much-needed opportunity to rebuild. This friendly relationship, which continued on with Morgan's son George, later allowed them to gain access to more advanced technology, including the occasional piece of Clan equipment.[1]

War of 3039[edit]

The Lancers were stationed along the Capellan border during the War of 3039, and were the main effort force in the CASE JULIET counteroffensive authorized by Morgan Hasek-Davion. Spurred by the McCarron's Armored Cavalry's bold raids into Federated Suns territory, CASE JULIET targeted three primary worlds: Menke, the Big MAC's homeworld, Grand Base, the main base of operations of the infamous Death Commandos, and Victoria, a key manufacturing hub. General Panos Fujikawa, at the head of the Fifty-ninth Striker, was given the task of invading Menke. This decision by Duke Hasek-Davion drew some fire amongst higher ranking officers in the AFFS, who felt that any assault should not be left up to mercenaries alone. The Duke's trust was not misplaced. Though the Fifty-ninth Striker lost around half of its aerospace assets to enemy air cover in their landing, their MechWarriors were much more effective than those of the newly-founded Sixth MAC. In the twenty-three days that the Lancer regiment spent on the planet, they managed to significantly damage the MAC's logistics company, MTC Inc., wipe out the Sixth MAC, and put the planet's 'Mech factory out of commission for the next decade. Once CCAF reinforcements began to arrive, the Fifty-ninth and its supporting Sirdar CMM units retreated back to Federated Suns space.[5]

The Ninth Illician Rangers, supported by the First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry, struck at Grand Base in August 3039. There they met with expected heavy resistance from the defending Death Commando, Warrior House Fujita, and planetary militia troops. Though unable to destroy the Earthwerks factory that was their original target, through smart maneuvering and tactical expertise they were able to put roughly half of the Capellan defending forces out of commission before they made a strategic withdrawal in September.[6]

The Fourth and Twenty-first Illician Rangers attacked Victoria essentially unopposed, pushing past local security forces with minimal effort. They occupied an electronics manufacturing plant and the local 'Mech factory and, without destroying the infrastructure, did their best to render the two industrial facilities useless. The arrival of units from Warrior House Dai Da Chi and Warrior House LuSann, as well as the lack of additional raiding objectives, forced the Lancer units to withdraw. Though relatively few casualties were sustained by either side, the Capellan media claimed Victoria as a great victory over the Federated Suns.[7]

Once their raids were complete, all Illician Lancers regiments fell back to their respective homeworlds and resumed their garrison postures.[8]

Clan Invasion[edit]

The Illician Lancers did not participate in any of the Clan Invasion efforts and remained posted along the Federated Suns-Capellan Confederation border for the duration of the conflict. The Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment served several years in the St. Ives Compact as a peacekeeping force and during the initial battles of the Capellan-St. Ives War before they were officially withdrawn as part of the greater Federated Commonwealth military's movement out of the Compact.[9]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

When the Federated Commonwealth Civil War began, the Illician Lancers at first attempted to be noncommittal, declaring for neither Victor or Katherine, though the brigade's sympathies tended towards the deposed First Prince. This changed when the command of the Twenty-first Illician Rangers met with Fleet Admiral William Kossacks, commander of the Second Davion Guards in March of 3063. After a week of talks, the Twenty-first had agreed to assist Kossacks in his effort to secure Sirdar for the Allied cause. The Second Guards and Twenty-first Rangers joined up with the Fourth Illician Rangers on Glentworth before launching their assault on Sirdar on 23 March, 3063. They attacked the Pro-Katherine Sirdar CMM and had a string of initial successes, though they were hampered by the world's decentralized logistics structure, which allowed the CMM to continue to operate after the Allies had secured major population centers.[10]

On 5 May, 3063, the Loyalist Fourth Donegal Guards and Second Chisholm's Raiders regiments entered the Sirdar system. Kossacks requested aid from Field Marshal Ardan Sortek and received word that the First Federated Suns Armored Cavalry and Ninth Illician Rangers were already on their way. The Allies assumed a defensive posture and relied on their aerospace advantage to inflict losses on the newly-refreshed Loyalists. In June, their own reinforcements arrived and, thanks to the aggressive tactics employed by the commanding officer of the Armored Cavalry, drove the Loyalist regiments off Sirdar. Despite the massive amount of manpower and 'Mechs involved, the three Illician Lancers regiments suffered only moderate casualties during the battle.[10]

The Ninth and Twenty-first Illician Rangers remained posted to Sirdar until the war's end, while the Fourth Illician Rangers were redeployed to Ziliang and served as a garrison force. The Fifty-ninth Strike, still hurting from their losses during the Capellan-St. Ives War, remained stationed on Hadnall and rode out the war without having to become involved in any major battles.[11]


The Lancers were heavily involved in Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, the military campaign against the Capellan Confederation launched by Duke George Hasek during the opening stages of the Jihad. Fighting initially on the offensive, the Ninth Illician Rangers were responsible for capturing Sendalor from St. Cyr's Armored Hussars, taking less than ten percent losses in the process; the remaining three regiments of the Lancers launched as part of the second wave of attacks, with the Fourth and Twenty-first forming half of a four-regiment mercenary strike force that captured Gei-Fu, crushing the Third Capellan Defense Force in the process;[12] the other mercenary units involved in the assault on Gei-Fu were identified by some sources as being the First Federated Suns Lancers and the First Kittery Borderers.[13] The Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment also faced little resistance when it captured Tsingtao.[12]

The war with the Confederation began to turn against Duke Hasek's forces with the third wave; while the Twenty-first Rangers managed to take Imalda and the Ninth Rangers captured Homestead, the Fourth landed on Hexare and quickly found themselves battered as the planet's defenders were reinforced with the arrival of Renshield's Dragoons. The Fourth found itself in dire straits because of the superior air support enjoyed by the Dragoons. This forced the Fourth into a defensive stance that became increasingly costly as Capellan forces increased and became more aggressive, culminating in Major "Rawhide" Francis leading his battalion to cover the retreat of the remaining Fourth Rangers' forces to Uravan after the command company broke in the final days of 3068.[12]

The Ninth Rangers found themselves facing a counteroffensive led by two Capellan regiments on Homestead, while Vong's Grenadiers landed on Tsingtao and established a beachhead from which the Fifty-ninth couldn't displace them. General Bradley managed to hold the Grenadiers back, but the battles between the two forces became a grinding war of attrition that reduced both commands to half-strength before the AFFS supply line to Tsingtao suddenly dried up, leaving General Bradley and the Fifty-ninth with little choice but to retreat to Redfield. The Twenty-first Rangers landed on Imalda and were forced to fight a guerrilla campaign against elements of the Death Commandos and the Fifth Confederation Reserve Cavalry until lack of supplies forced the Twenty-first to retreat just as the Fifty-ninth had, falling back to Sendalor and then Ikast.[12]

Trying to rebuild in the aftermath of Operation SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, all four commands of the Lancers faced difficult circumstances. The Ninth Rangers had been reduced to just two companies, leading to speculation that the Ninth would be folded into one of the other regiments; Major Francis of the Fourth had adopted a take-no-prisoners approach to combat after the grueling battle for Hexare, although the tenacity he inspired in his troops suffered from Francis' difficulty in dealing with complex strategical issues, while both the Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment and the Twenty-first were undergoing changes at the command level after various resignations and reassignments.[12]

During the Jihad, the Ninth Rangers were completely destroyed. The Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment and Fourth Rangers lost half their troops in combat before beginning to rebuild. In 3079, the Illician Lancers were stationed along the Federated Suns/Taurian Concordat border to supplement that area's defenses.[14]

Dark Age[edit]

The Lancers continued serving the Federated Suns during the Dark Age era. During Operation CERBERUS, the Lancers' Fifty-ninth Strike was part of Task Force Styx and participated in the liberation of New Syrtis. They and the Twelfth Vegan Rangers were assigned to take the city of Saso, with the Lancers assigned to secure the spaceport and the Rangers taking the government center. The Lancers faced the First McCarron's Armored Cavalry and were forced to to fight for every foot of ground, suffering heavy losses. Falling back to regroup, they requested reinforcements from the Second Davion Auxiliaries that were being held as a reserve force for the Saso assault. Julian Davion denied this request. Though the spaceport was finally secured, it came at a high cost in lives for the Lancers, including the commanding officer of the Fifty-ninth, Colonel Ryan Bradley .[15][16][17]

ilClan Era[edit]

The dawn of the ilClan era found the Lancers stationed in the quietest sector of the Capellan March, on Kafr Silim, relegated to guarding the border and running training operations. By 3151, they had been there for years, and felt that Julian Davion had not asked them to participate in the liberation of New Avalon out of spite for their failure to deliver during the battle for Saso on New Syrtis. Feelings of resentment at being a well-known, long-standing Davion mercenary unit forced to sit on the sidelines while the Draconis Combine tore their way through the Federated Suns bubbled to the surface and led to the development of three major schools of thought within the leadership. One camp suggested joining Alexander Hasek's campaign against the Taurian Concordat, another felt that the Lancers should do nothing and wait until the Federated Suns high command gave them new orders, and a third camp pushed for the Lancers to renegotiate their contract with Julian Davion.[16]

A conclave on 25 May, 3151 didn't solve the problem, as the factions were just as divisive as when they had formed. To exacerbate things, the Lancers' general's term was expiring and a new leader needed to be selected. On 17 June, a Clan Sea Fox DropShip arrived in system. Aboard it was saKhan Ya'el Labov, who asked to meet with Colonel Luciana Araya Morales, the leader of the faction seeking to renegotiate. Labov had a very daring offer for her: he wanted her to become general and contract the Sea Foxes as mediators, replacing the MRBC, which he styled as being an aging, corrupt institution. To sweeten the deal, he offered the Lancers a gift: the keystone of the original Illician Brotherhood on Sicily and the promise that, if they accepted, they would be given the monastery and the surrounding land in perpetuity. After a new conclave, and a heated debate where she set forth her arguments, Luciana was chosen general and immediately accepted Labov's offer.[16]

Labov held up his part of the bargain, as the Lancers were relocated to the Dragon's Tongue area, and were allowed to play a part in its reconquest. In early 3152, the Lancers' Twenty-first Rangers were stationed on Brundage when they were attacked by the Forty-fifth New Samarkand Regulars. After a three-week campaign, the Lancers were forced to retreat, leaving the world to the Combine.[18]

As tension built between the Capellan Confederation and the Federated Suns, Julian, worrying that the AFFS was too focused on the Draconis Combine front, quietly moved the Fifty-Ninth Striker to the Capellan border along with the Second Davion Auxiliaries. His intent was to shore up the border against a possible Capellan attack, as not much intelligence had been gathered regarding what the Confederation was planning after Clan Wolf's conquest of Terra.[19]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Illician Lancers
General Ellaine Steward 3025[20]
General Panos Fujikawa 3038 - 3046[21]
General Brenda Bradley 30463085[1][22][23]
General Cassius 31453151[16]
General Luciana Araya Morales 3151 - present[16]


Mercenary Rating[edit]

The Illician Lancers have served the Federated Suns for several centuries under a contract that was brokered outside of the MRBC umbrella. They therefore possessed no official Dragoons Rating.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[3]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[3]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[4]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[4]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[20]

3046 - 3050[edit]

Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[22]

  • First Illician Lancers (Fifty-ninth Strike) (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)
  • Second Illician Lancers (Twenty-first Rangers) (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[22]
  • Third Illician Lancers (Fourth Rangers) (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[22]
  • Fourth Illician Lancers (Ninth Rangers) (Regiment/Green/Reliable)[22]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Regular/Reliable)[25]

  • Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[25]
  • Fourth Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[25]
  • Ninth Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[25]
  • Twenty-first Rangers (Regiment/Regular/Reliable)[25]


Illician Lancers Brigade (3 Regiments/Veteran/Reliable)[26]

  • 59th Strike Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[26]
  • Fourth Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[26]
  • Twenty-first Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[26]


Illician Lancers (4 regiments/Veteran/Reliable)[23]

  • Fifty-ninth Strike Regiment (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)
  • Fourth Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[23]
  • Twenty-first Rangers (Regiment/Veteran/Reliable)[23]


Illician Lancers (2 Regiments/Veteran/Reliable)[27]

Color Scheme and Unit Insignia[edit]

The Illician Lancers brigade uses a standardized color scheme of green, khaki, and rust red. This scheme is generally expressed as a khaki base with the green and rust red forming highlights and trim elements. The brigade's individual regiments using different highlight colors: the Fifty-Ninth Strike uses yellow, the Fourth Rangers use blood red, the Ninth Rangers use blue, and the Twenty-first Rangers remain unadorned. Each sub-unit has its own regimental crest, which is prominently displayed on their 'Mechs, AeroSpace assets, and vehicles. The brigade insignia is a yellow lighting bolt set over a stylized downward-facing bullet.[1]


The Lancers were an atypical group with unique traditions dating back centuries. The selection of leadership was a key matter— every six years, all of the unit's high-ranking officers held a meeting called a Conclave where they voted upon which of their number was to be selected as General. The general could be reelected after their term expired, provided the Conclave deemed them to possess the necessary amount of skills and leadership abilities. Each regimental colonel was also selected in this manner.[1][2][28]

Wherever the Conclave is held, the Lancers display an arch of stones said to come from their original, destroyed monastery on Sicily. The arch was left incomplete, as it was missing its keystone with the Illician Order's seal until 3152. Displayed around the arch were regimental sashes honoring the five other long-destroyed Illician Lancers regiments. Every new Lancer is sworn in under the arch, and every potential elder meditates under it before taking their solemn vows.[16]


The unit owns two JumpShips, a Star Lord-class and an Invader-class. Due to having previously sold off most of their other ships to escape a predatory contract with the Capellans, the unit must hire additional assets if they want to move the entire brigade. Despite the small number of JumpShips, the brigade still has enough DropShips to support their full range of operations.[1]

Units of the Illican Lancers[edit]

At its fullest size, the Illician Lancers brigade boasted nine separate BattleMech regiments. They are listed as follows:


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