Ilsa Centrella

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Portrait of Ilsa Centrella, ca. 3152
Ilsa Centrella
Character Profile
Born 3068[1][2]
Affiliation House Liao-Centrella
Profession Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus
Parents Sun-Tzu Liao (father)
Naomi Centrella (mother)
Siblings Daoshen Liao
Spouse Ari Humphreys
Children Danai Liao-Centrella

Ilsa Centrella was a Periphery noblewoman, politician, and the 19th Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.


Named for the first Capellan Chancellor to die in battle,[3] Ilsa was the oldest child of Sun-Tzu Liao and Naomi Centrella. Born out of wedlock, she was not formally in the line of succession until her father officially adopted her following the announcement on the 20th of February 3069 that Sun-Tzu and Naomi were engaged.[4][5] However, once Daoshen Liao was born Ilsa was removed from the line of succession.[2]

Already as stunningly beautiful as her mother, Ilsa was sixteen years old when she was named the honorary sang-shao of the elite Red Lancers, a unit whose nickname of the "Red Heart Guards" honored the loss of her namesake. The Lancers staged a full military parade on her birthday, posters of the young Ilsa posing with several of the Guards atop the canopy of a Men Shen OmniMech widely distributed across both the Confederation and Magistracy in its wake.[3]

Ilsa was a shrewd manipulator, able to use her beauty and intelligence to achieve her goals. Possessed of the same cunning her father displayed along with the political skills of the Centrellas. Many dignitaries from foreign realms were outmaneuvered skillfully by Ilsa, only realizing what had happened to them later; while Ilsa gave every appearance of being aloof and imperious, she also was able to charm even the most dubious cynic.[2] To Ilsa, the welfare of the Magistracy of Canopus came first, and the welfare of the Capellan Confederation came second; her own personal well-being came behind both.[6]

During her later years Ilsa succeeded her mother as Magestrix of the Magistracy of Canopus.[2] After her ascension to the throne Ilsa maintained the appearance of a proud Canopian Magestrix, with no sign that she desired the Celestial Throne of the Confederation.[2] Not publicly known was the fact that she had one child with her brother Daoshen, Danai Liao-Centrella,[7] although her relationship with Daoshen was viewed as a strange one, with more than one rumor of an inappropriate closeness between the two siblings surfacing over the years.[2]

In a move that surprised almost everyone, Ilsa married Duke Ari Humphreys of the Duchy of Andurien on the 1st of March 3137.[8][9] The marriage made little sense dynastically, given that Ilsa was too old to provide Duke Humphreys with children, and the distance between Andurien and the Magistracy made it unlikely that the two states could easily cooperate or unify. The idea that the marriage might be a stepping stone towards the unification of the Duchy with both the Magistracy and the Capellan Confederation evoked revulsion amongst the Anduriens.[9]

In the wake of the reunification of the Free Worlds League Ilsa offered military assistance to her husband so that Andurien might better resist the potential threat offered by the League, but as late as 3145 the Duke hadn't taken up the offer.[10]


  • Her daughter's identity was not publicly known. To the outside world, she was only known as her younger sister, Danai. She has secretly manipulated her brother and Capellan politics behind the scenes.



  • Ilsa Centrella is a regular-rated MechWarrior.[6]
  • Ilsa is a veteran-rated Officer.[6]
  • Ilsa is an elite-rated Politician.[6]
  • Ilsa has a +7 Skill roll modifier in Strategy.[6]
  • Ilsa has a +7 Skill roll modifier in Protocol/Capellan.[6]
  • Ilsa has a +6 Skill roll modifier in Protocol/Andurien.[6]
  • Ilsa has the Exceptional Attribute/INT Trait.[6]
  • Ilsa has the Natural Aptitude/Acting Trait.[6]
  • Ilsa has a -4-TP Dark Secret Trait regarding the parentage of Danai Centrella-Liao.[6]



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