Imperial City

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Imperial City, the capital city of Luthien, is located on the primary continent of Hokkaido, just north of the planet's equator and between the Kado-Guchi Valley (to the west) and LAW City (to the east-southeast).[1][2] It was also the home of the ruling Kurita family. Prior to the Black Dragon Coup in 3067, the large, sprawling city was bordered by beautiful gardens and thousands of acres of forest.[3]

Imperial City on Luthien is one of the most breathtaking cities in the Inner Sphere.[4]

Residing just mere kilometers from the center of the city are a series of 'islands', hosts to the planet's larger industrial complexes, including the Luthien Armor Works' primary complex, the Luthien Armor Works - OmniMech Production Facility and the company's headquarters and corporate center, LAW City.[3]


In February 3073, during the Battle of Luthien, the Word of Blake Militia's 32nd Division arrived on Luthien in order to assist the 42nd and 9th divisions in defending the Imperial City, following the departure of the Sathen's Snipers mercenary unit due to battle fatigue.[5]

Notable Locations[edit]

Industrial District
technically outside the city limits, it lies to the east of Cinema City.[6]
Palace District
the central district, it hosts Unity Palace, Unity Park and Unity Square and is bordered by the Paschal district to the north and, across the Kado-Guchi River, the Tumbledown district to the south.[6]
Paschal District
the northernmost district within the city, bordered by the Waseda Hills to the northwest and the Palace district to the south.[6]
Siriwan's Peace Pool
a large artificial pond located within Unity Park, memorializing Siriwan McAllister-Kurita, three-time Coordinator of the Draconis Combine.[6]
Tumbledown District
the southern district within the city, it lies between the Palace District to the north and the Takashi Memorial Spaceport to the south.[6]
Unity Park
a protected area within the Palace District, that includes Siriwan's Peace Pool.[6]
Unity Square
a gathering place within the Palace District, east of Unity Palace.[6]
Unproductive Camps
the camps lie roughly between the Industrial district and the city itself and the drop-port.[6]



  • The 'islands' referenced above are to be described further in the forthcoming Handbook: House Kurita (per Ben Rome on CBT's (previous) forums).


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