Improved One Shot


The Improved One Shot (I-OS) missile system was developed during the Clan Invasion by the Draconis Combine. Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery techs took a standard One-Shot system and removed the ammunition feed tubes from it. The missiles were stored directly in the launch tubes instead. This allowed the Improved One-Shot to be lighter than its standard counterpart. The tradeoff, of course, was the lack of any reloads for the missile launcher.[1]

Like the standard One-Shot launcher, the Improved One-Shot can use any appropriate guidance system or munition.

Game Rules[edit]

Improved One-Shot launchers weigh half a ton less than their standard versions. The minimum weight of an Inner Sphere launcher is half a ton, while the minimum weight of a Clan I-OS launcher is a quarter ton. In all other aspects, the I-OS launcher is treated as a normal launcher of its type.[1]


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