In Ungnade

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In Ungnade
(apocryphal German 'Fall from Grace' translation)
Product information
Type Novel
Author Chris Hartford
Pages 304
Cover artwork Swen Papenbrock
Publication information
Publisher Fantasy Productions
Product code 31016
First published April 2007
ISBN-10 3890644759
ISBN-13 978-3890644752
MSRP 9.00 €
Era Star League era
Timeline 9 July 2571—9 April 2617

Published by FanPro as the 13th of their German-only line of Classic BattleTech novels in April 2007, In Ungnade ("(Fallen) In(to) Disfavour") is a translation of an earlier draft of Chris Hartford's story Fall from Grace that was published via BattleCorps a year later with some changes.


Being published in German only, In Ungnade does not meet the criteria for Canon in the BattleTech universe and would normally be considered apocryphal. However, the subsequent release of the English-language Fall from Grace, in a revised edition no less, renders the earlier German edition outdated and trumps it canon-wise.

Thus, Fall from Grace is fully canonical while In Ungnade is not.

Differences between "Fall from Grace" and "In Ungnade"[edit]

Fall from Grace, as published on BattleCorps, is different from the earlier edition that was translated as "In Ungnade" because of fact-checking and continuity concerns. According to the author, "Chapter 11 got a fair re-working to fit with established continuity but the rest was mainly tweaks and small-scale corrections."[1]

From the back cover (translated from German)[edit]

The vision of the Cameron and Marik families has become a reality: the unification of mankind—even though not everybody wants to participate. And where diplomacy fails, bloody battles must bring the recalcitrant periphery nations into the common house, though even then the question remains if the subsequent shaky peace is really the better solution.
Rhean Marik, a relative of the ruling Captain-General of the Free Worlds League, has been trained from childhood to prevail on the field of diplomacy as well as on the field of battle. But when fate catapults her to the helm of the Free Worlds League she realizes that both battlefields' reality is much deadlier than her training taught her. Mortal enemies become good friends and allies become embittered enemies, and the pitfalls of intrigue lurk everywhere at the Star League court. A fateful encounter turns her world upside down, and doom looms not only over Rhean, but over the Free Worlds League as well.
Can Rhean achieve a balance between the aims of the Free Worlds League and the Star League? Can she prevent the demise of one or both organisations, and can she stop the powers that threaten to destroy both from within?


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