Incendiary ammunition can be used in standard autocannons and their lighter cousins. Developed by NAIS scientists from the Federated Suns, these autocannon rounds contained an Inferno warhead and were covered in a thin coat of magnesium. Upon leaving the barrel the magnesium would ignite and continue to burn until the material was completely consumed. Besides the additional benefit of setting targets aflame, this also aided the firer during low-visibility combat, although the volatile ammunition could be just as dangerous to them as the enemy.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

In CBT play, incendiary ammunition inflicts 2 additional points of damage against unarmored infantry, lowers the threshold for starting fires to +5, and decreases to-hit modifier for night combat to +1. If a critical hit is scored against an autocannon during the same turn it has fired incendiary ammunition, treat it as an ammunition explosion equal to damage inflicted on the autocannon.[1]


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