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Independence Weaponry
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Corporation Profile
HeadquartersRiver City
(New Samarkand VI)[1]
Manufacturing Plant(s)

Independence Weaponry was a BattleMech manufacturer on the world of Quentin.


Located in the heavily industrialized Steel Valley on Quentin, Independence Weaponry was a BattleMech factory for the Star League Defense Force's Regular Army and after the League's collapse the plant fell prey to bitter fighting between the Draconis Combine, Capellan Confederation, and Federated Suns for control of it. House Davion established what appeared to be permanent control over the planet and its now partially destroyed assembly lines towards the end of the Second Succession War.

Becoming the FedSuns' premier heavy- and assault-class manufacturer, the plant came under continuous raids from Kurita and Liao forces, slowly reducing production to half their prewar levels, producing around twenty Marauders and Victors and a mere five Atlases per year. The alliance with the Lyran Commonwealth resulted in assistance from Defiance Industries to help bolster production of factory and the 100-ton monster 'Mech specifically.[2]

In 3023, Wolf's Dragoons and elements of the First Sword of Light (serving as an honor-guard to Coordinator Takashi Kurita) attacked Quentin in an objective raid with the goal of looting the IW facilities. The Kuritan troops spearheaded the final push to secure the Independence Weaponry factory, though they lost some warriors during their charge.[3]

Benefiting from the respite after the Fourth Succession War, Independence was finally able to repair and reopen its battered assembly lines and House Davion made plans for advanced lostech upgrades. This hard work became bittersweet when Quentin fell to the DCMS's Operation Orochi in the War of 3039, the capture of the plant greatly benefiting the Combine's efforts to rebuild and modernize its military. The Fortieth Dieron Regulars seized the plant, despite the defending garrison forces and the presence of five companies of Independence employees who piloted JagerMechs, Atlases, Marauders, and Victors.[4] Reportedly, top Independence executives and technicians evacuated Quentin once it was clear the planet would fall,[5] but this did not hamper the Combine. Located far from the fighting of the Clan Invasion and with increasingly good relations between the Combine and the Federated Commonwealth, Independence became a production powerhouse, increasing to levels not seen since the original Star League.

Headquartered on New Samarkand, the company possessed manufacturing centers on Luthien, Donegal, Markab, Victoria, and Stewart in addition to their flagship factory on Quentin.[6] The company operated more like a conglomerate of separate weapons manufacturers rather than one single corporate entity. It had two major brands under its control: Blankenburg Technologies and Telfar BattleMechs.[1] This allows it to maintain a neutral stance regarding potential clients, but does lead to some unique manufacturing issues. Plants located in the Combine cannot ship weaponry, parts, or manufacturing equipment to their sister facilities in the Federated Suns, for example.

Their policy of neutrality has made them the target for several industrial espionage projects, as their competitors try to steal their trade secrets. A case involving Diverse Optics was the most noticeable, but there have been several other attempts to disrupt their operations.[6] This neutral stance and the diversified nature of the companies that made up Independence Weaponry protected the firm from the early effects of the Jihad and even allowed Independence Weaponry to post record profits at one point, with major defense companies across the Inner Sphere placing orders to support their war efforts.[7]

In the wake of the capture of Quentin a new Independence plant began construction on New Samarkand;[8] an effort by Independence to relocate their manufacturing en masse, only a refit facility was in place on the Combine capital by 3079. The multinational nature of Independence worked against the company in the eyes of the Combine government, and it was considered likely that any government reconstruction following the Jihad would focus on entirely domestic companies.[9] Given the designs that the newly formed Republic of the Sphere had on Quentin, it was likely that the role of the company there would be the subject of some debate between the two governments.[10]

While the items to be produced on New Samarkand hadn't been confirmed as late as mid-3081, it was seen as very likely that the plant would be producing lines lost to the DCMS when the Combine lost control of Quentin.[8]

CEO Judith Hotchkiss, who controled most of the public stock, announced plans to move the corporate headquarters from New Samarkand to New Ivaarsen.[6]


Independence Weaponry has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Quentin:[1][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23][24]
Component Type
CMA-1S Chimera[1][15] Medium BattleMech
CMA-C Chimera[1][15] Medium BattleMech
HCT-5K Hatchetman [25] Medium BattleMech
TSN-1C Tessen[1][19] Medium BattleMech
EXR-2X Exhumer[24] Medium BattleMech (as of 3129)
EXR-3P Exhumer[24] Medium BattleMech (as of 3129)
RJN-301-F Raijin[26] Medium BattleMech
EXC-CS Excalibur[1][12] Heavy BattleMech
JM6-DD JagerMech[11] Heavy BattleMech
JM6-D3 JagerMech III[1][14] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-3R Marauder[1][13] Heavy BattleMech
MAD-5D Marauder[1][11] Heavy BattleMech
NJT-2 Ninja-To[1][16] Heavy BattleMech
NJT-3 Ninja-To[1][16] Heavy BattleMech
SJA-7D Shugenja[1][17] Heavy BattleMech
HTM-28T Hatamoto-Chi[1] Assault BattleMech
VTR-9K Victor[1][11] Assault BattleMech
GUN-1ERD Gunslinger[1][20] Assault BattleMech
GUN-2ERD Gunslinger[1][20] Assault BattleMech
GUN-3ERD Gunslinger[27] Assault BattleMech
AKU-1X Akuma[1][21] Assault BattleMech
AKU-1XJ Akuma[1][21] Assault BattleMech
NG-C3A Naginata[1][22] Assault BattleMech
NG-C3B Naginata[1][22] Assault BattleMech
NG-C3C Naginata[1][22] Assault BattleMech
AS7-K Atlas[1][11] Assault BattleMech
AS8-K Atlas[28] Assault BattleMech
AS7-CM Atlas[1] Assault BattleMech
MAD-8K Marauder II[29] Assault BattleMech
PKP-1A Peacekeeper[23] Assault BattleMech
TSH-7S Tai-Sho[1][18] Assault BattleMech
Cameleon Light Endo 2 Chimera[15]
Chariot Type II Hatchetman[citation needed]
Combine Republic Peacekeeper Superheavy Peacekeeper[23]
EXR Endo Steel Exhumer[24]
Kallon Type XII JagerMech[11]
Kallon Type XIV Endo Steel JagerMech III[14]
Star League XT Light Endo Steel Ninja-To[16]
Corbine 2 Endo Steel Excalibur[12]
Alshain Type Heavy Chi Shugenja[17]
GM Marauder Marauder 5D[11] & Marauder 3R[13]
Alshain Class 920 Endo Steel Victor[11]
Alshain Class 92 Hatamoto-Chi[citation needed]
Star League XT Gunslinger[20] & Tai-Sho[18]
Foundation AKU Endo Steel Akuma[21]
Alshain Class 101a Naginata[22]
Foundation Type 10X Atlas[citation needed]
Fusion Engine
GM 270 Akuma[21]
Nissan 240 Hatamoto-Chi[citation needed]
Pitban 285 Naginata[22]
Strand 255 Tai-Sho[18]
Vlar 300 Marauder 3R[13]
Extralight Fusion Engine
GM 240 XL Chimera[15]
GM 380 XL Peacekeeper[23]
Hermes 330 XL Exhumer[24]
Nissan 180 XL Hatchetman[citation needed]
Vlar 300 XL Shugenja[17] & Tessen[19]
VOX 255 XL Gunslinger[20]
VOX 325 XL JagerMech III[14]
Nissan 260 XL JagerMech[11]
Ford 350 XL Excalibur[12]
Magna 390 XL Ninja-To[16]
Jump Jets
Lexington Ltd. Lifters Peacekeeper[23]
Luxor 2/Q Hatchetman[citation needed]
HildCo Model 12 Gunslinger[20]
Rawlings 40 Chimera[15]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Heavy Victor[11] & Ninjato (with CASE)[16]
Shipped to Al Na'ir for Catapult
Durallex Special Heavy w/CASE Atlas,[11]Akuma,[21]Naginata,[22] & Marauder[11]
Shipped to Al Na'ir for Atlas[11]
Durallex Special Medium Hatchetman
Shipped to Luthien for Wolf Trap[11]
Kevlar 5000 Gunslinger[20]
Pribak 9000 w/CASE Excalibur[12]
StarGuard CCM Chimera[15]
Valiant Lamellor Marauder 3R[13] & Peacekeeper[23]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
Durallex ferro-fibrous Taisho,[18]Tessen,[19]JagerMech,[11] & JagerMech III[14]
New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous w/CASE II Exhumer[24]
Mitchell Argon ferro-fibrous Shugenja[17]
Communications System
Corean Transband-J12 Chimera[15]
Dalban Micronics Marauder 3R[13]
Faulk 203 Comset Excalibur[12]
Garret T11-A Crusader
Shipped to Vega for Nodachi[citation needed]
Garret T11-B Exhumer[24]
Shipped to Marduk for Wolverine[citation needed]
Garret T12-E Hatchetman
Shipped to Luthien for Quickdraw[11]
Garret T-12S JagerMech III[14]
Garret T19-F Shugenja[17]
Garret T19-G Naginata,[22]Ninja-To,[16] & Taisho[18]
Garret T22 Tessen[19]
Shipped to Chatham for Oni & Tatsu
Nashan Quartet ComSy w/Guardian ECM Gunslinger[20]
Sipher Security Plus Akuma[21]
Voice of Peace w/C3 Peacekeeper[23]
Targeting-Tracking System
BlazeFire Tracker w/Range Check Chimera[15]
Cat's Eyes 5 Shugenja,[17] Tai-Sho,[18] & Ninja-To
Cat's Eyes 5 w/Artemis IV System Naginata[22]
Dalban HiRez Marauder 3R[13]
Garret D2j JagerMech,[11]Tessen,[19]Exhumer,[24]Marauder, Hatchetman
Shipped to Errai for Hatamoto-Chi[11]
Garret/D5j Shipped to Vega for Crusader & Nodachi[citation needed]
Garret T11fc JagerMech III[14]
Keeper of the Peace Peacekeeper[23]
Matabushi Sentinel Akuma[21]
Nashan Diana Mk.II Gunslinger[20]
KBC Starlight Model QTA1 Excalibur[12]
Machine Gun
ScatterGun Chimera[15]
Heavy PPC
Lord's Light 3 Peacekeeper[23]
Lord's Light 2 Peacekeeper[23]
Magna Hellstar Marauder 3R[13]
Plasma Rifle
Victory Blast Furnace Peacekeeper[23]
GM Whirlwind Marauder 3R[13]
Medium Laser
Magna Mk II Marauder 3R[13]
ER Large Laser
Diverse Optics 30X Exhumer[24]
Victory Nickel Alloy Peacekeeper[23]
Longfire V Exhumer[24]
Shigunga Exhumer[24]
Guided Technologies Peacekeeper[23]

New Samarkand[edit]

The New Samarkand factory hadn't begun production as of mid-3081.[8]


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