Inferno (Missile)

This article is about the flammable gel. For the OmniMech, see Inferno (OmniMech).

Inferno SRM


Not to be confused with Incendiary Missiles, Infernos are special fuel-air missile munitions that are a development of the incendiary weapons of the mid-twentieth century. They combine flammable chemicals with an adhesive compound to shower their targets with a burning gel. This gel is designed to increase a 'Mech's heat levels to the point where the DI computer shuts down the 'Mech's fusion engine. Inferno rounds are also effective at turning combat vehicles and battle armor into flaming coffins for their crews, and are devastating against conventional infantry platoons.

The Inferno round is popular with conventional infantry forces that are intended to face off against 'Mechs and other combat units because of their great effectiveness in that role. They can also be used by 'Mechs and vehicles, but due to their highly flammable nature, any 'Mech carrying them faces a greater chance of ammunition explosions. Such an explosion is a significant threat because in addition to the standard damage, exploding Inferno rounds will ignite, overwhelming the heat dissipation system. MechWarriors rarely carry them because exploding ammunition will engulf the 'Mech in flames, shut down their reactor, and probably roast them in the cockpit.

The Inferno technology was introduced as an SRM ammunition type,[1] but has been used in Thunder-Inferno LRMs,[2] bombs,[3] and Arrow IV missiles.[4] In addition, vehicle flamers, fluid guns, and sprayers can also use an "Inferno fuel" that replaces the ammo with tanks of incendiary chemicals.[5]

The fire resistant armor used on the Salamander and Golem power armor makes them completely immune to the effects of Inferno rounds.

Inferno SRMs deal no damage, however, each missile that strikes the target increases the unit’s heat level during the Heat Phase of the turn in which the infernos hit. (’Mechs, Aerospace Fighters, and Small Craft)[6]


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