Ingrid Liao

Ingrid Liao
Also known asLittle Inga
AffiliationHouse Liao
Title(s)Duchess of Liao
ParentsTarlak Liao (father)[2]
SiblingsSandra Liao

Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation during the middle decades of the Third Succession War, the most notable event of the reign of Ingrid Liao was the disastrous Great Lee Turkey Shoot.


Early Life[edit]

Eldest daughter of Tarlak Liao: "Little Inga" as she would come to be called was trained from her youth as a MechWarrior like her famed ancestor Ilsa Liao, but would hold a special fascination for the aerospace arm of the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces.[2]

Ingrid became Chancellor following the assassination of her father by a Maskirovka defector in 12 September 2950.[2]

Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation[edit]

Reflecting her lifelong interest in aerospace fighters, Ingrid would subtly shift increasing resources to that branch of the Capellan military. Two years to the day after her inauguration, Ingrid's decision would seem to be the right one when she directed a combined force of Thunderbirds and Eagles to repulse a House Marik raid against Ingersoll. To Ingrid's joy, the Capellan forces destroyed seven Marik Cheetahs and sent the raiders packing without a single Liao loss.[2][3][4][5]

Spurred on by this success, Ingrid decided to launch a major offensive against the House Davion-held world of Lee, site of an AFFS regional supply center as well as a critical maintenance facility for aerospace fighters and increasingly rare Land-Air 'Mechs. Hoping to claim the vital facility for the Confederation, Ingrid committed six fighter regiments (over 200 aerospace fighters) and a sizable ground force to the mission, waiting on Sian for word of its success.[6][7][2][3][4][5]

Unfortunately for Ingrid, the MIIO learned of the plan well in advance, giving First Prince Peter Davion plenty of time to reinforce and direct the planet's defense himself. Thanks to their advanced warning the Davion defenders met the Capellan forces in space, immediately assuming aerospace superiority. Davion aerospace fighters, consisting primarily of the sleek and fast Sparrowhawk model, crippled over forty of the slower and older Capellan fighters, leaving the Liao BattleMechs, tanks and infantry without the full air support that Ingrid's plan required. Prince Peter personally led from his 'Mech in pushing the Capellans off Lee with heavy losses.[6][7][2][3][4][5]

Disheartened by this defeat, Ingrid left reorganization of her shattered aerospace forces to her generals as she focused on the larger problem of near total collapse of the Capellan military as a whole. Almost sixty years of unceasing Elastic Defense and two-front fighting against House Marik and Davion had slowly ground away both the military and support infrastructure of the Capellan realm and Ingrid was hard pressed to find a solution. The situation had reached the point where Ingrid ordered the Red Lancers and Prefectorate Guard, the personal guard of the Chancellor and Capellan Prefectorate nobility, into action on the frontline.[2]

With the Confederation near total collapse, Ingrid would pass the mantle of the Chancellor to her nephew Tormax Liao in 2980.[2]


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