Innocent, and Defenseless

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Innocent, and Defenseless
Product information
Author Jason Hansa
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 10 February 2023
Era IlClan Era
Timeline 2 July 2754
Series The Mercenary Tales
Preceded by Riptides
Followed by Perception of Victory

Product Description[edit]


During the years of the Star League, few mercenary units served with such honor and distinction as the Eridani Light Horse. Stalwart allies of the Star League and the ideals it stands for, the men and women of the Eighth Recon Battalion are about to have their own ideals tested on the world of Radstadt. For when an invading mercenary force assaults a massive Draconis Combine prison complex, the Light Horse warriors are faced with the choice of risking their lives to defend convicted prisoners. But the Eridani Light Horse has never shied from a mission or a challenge, but repelling the invaders will try them in ways they could never have expected…

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