Inquisitor (SecurityMech)

This article is about the SecurityMech. For the WarShip, see Inquisitor.
ITW-80 Inquisitor
Production information
Manufacturer Irian Technologies[1]
Use SecurityMech
Class Light
Introduced 3062[2]
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere IndustrialMech
Mass 35 tons
Speed km/h

As of December 3070 (and still by August 3084),[3] the Inquisitor is considered one of the most well-known SecurityMech designs, named alongside the likes of the Copper, Guard and Pacifier.[1]


This ultra-heavy (by IndustrialMech standards) SecurityMech was invented by Irian Technologies, Unlimited in 3062[2] exclusively for the defense of all IrTech facilities throughout the Free Worlds League.

Exact stats for the Inquisitor have not been published so far, but its MUL entry confirms it to be an IndustrialMech by design and not a proper military-grade BattleMech.[2]


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