Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Inside-Out was a Union-class DropShip notable for having been the vessel in which Hohiro Kurita, son of Theodore Kurita and future Coordinator of the Draconis Combine, escaped from Dieron during the Jihad.[1]

In contrast to reports of Hohiro's apparent demise in June 3068 following an unsuccessful attempt to recapture Dieron from the Word of Blake,[2] a group apparently including surviving members of the Royal Black Watch rescued Hohiro alive from a Blakist prison camp on Dieron on the 4th of January 3069.[3] This group - the Ghosts of the Black Watch - had been born from an ill-planned attempt to free captured members of the former Star League Defense Force units from Blakist prison camps, and had nearly been destroyed running the Blakist WarShip blockade above Dieron when they landed. Led by Colonel Loren Jaffray, the survivors of the Ghosts managed to rescue Hohiro after linking up with a small local resistance unit and a DEST unit, and the Ghosts' success led to Precentor Domini Apollyon assigning the Opacus Venatori to tracking down and destroying the Ghosts.[4] Of the thirty-five escapees freed by the Ghosts,[1] only ten[5] managed to reach the Inside-Out and escape with Hohiro.[1][5]


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