Intelligence Operations Handbook

Intelligence Operations Handbook
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Development Scott Jenkins
Primary writing Alex Bund
Geoff Pass
Diane Piron
Robert Cruz
Pages 144
Illustrations Mike Jackson
Mike Nielson
Rick Harris
Jeff Laubenstein
Gary T. Washington
Bradley McDevitt
Joel Biske
Anthony Sczcudlo
Earl Geier
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1673
First published February 1993
ISBN-10 1555602002
Era Clan Invasion era
Agency Wolfnet
Universe Date 14 July 3055 (see Note)
Preceded by Shattered Fortress


A supplement for MechWarrior, Second Edition, the Intelligence Operations Handbook offered new archetypes, equipment, and information for gamemasters and players who wanted to focus on special operations and intelligence in their campaigns. Written as a Wolfnet briefing document issued in 3055, the Handbook provides a copy of Jaime Wolf's report to the Clans about the Inner Sphere, as well as providing a thumbnail history of intelligence agencies in the Inner Sphere and recent events (between the Battle of Tukayyid in 3051 and 3055).

Most of the equipment listed in this book would later be used in the MechWarrior Companion supplement, while the historical and agency information would be referenced in A Guide to Covert Ops.

From the back cover[edit]

The Inner Sphere has been fighting a shadow war of clandestine intelligence operations for centuries, pitting House against House, agency against agency. In the war against the Clans, those same organizations cooperated to save worlds and keep hope alive on captured planets.

Now, something else is happening in the shadows. Mercenary units are disappearing without a trace. No one knows how to find them, or where to look. The governments of the Inner Sphere are helpless to move without the information that intelligence operatives provide.

The Intelligence Operations Handbook is a Wolfnet document detailing the operations of all the intelligence agencies of the Inner Sphere and Inner Sphere-based Clans. It includes the history and current activities of each organization and provides new archetypes and personal equipment suitable for use in any intelligence-based campaign.




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