Interdictor PWS JHS3076.png
Interdictor Pocket WarShip
Production information
Manufacturer Unknown[1]
Production Year 3074[2]
Use Pocket WarShip
Type Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advance[3]
Technical specifications
Mass 9,400[1] tons
Structural Integrity 25[1]
Length 175[1] meters
Width 125[1] meters
Height 53[1] meters
Drive System fusion engine[1]
Safe Thrust 3.5 g[1]
Max Thrust 5.5 g[1]
Fuel (tons) 400[1]
Fuel (days) 217.4 days [1]
Armor Heavy Ferro-Aluminum[1]
Crew 5 officers
10 enlisted/non-rated
12 gunners
46 bay personnel[1]
Passengers None[1]
Escape Pods/Life Boats 6/0[1]
Heat Sinks 244 (488)[1]
BV (2.0) 21,836[1]


The Interdictor was first built by the Word of Blake Protectorate after its military had suffered a number of defeats and lost a considerable amount of its WarShip assets. Utilizing new technologies that had become available, their engineers used the Achilles assault DropShip as the basis for the new design. The ship is designed to intercept and capture inbound/outbound vessels, using its superior speed and the threat of its superior firepower. The ship also hosts a marine complement, to seize and secure captured vessels.[1]


Since it premiered, the ship has been seen deployed in pairs to Blakist held worlds or assisting Shadow Divisions in their special operations. As of 3076, roughly 30 of the design have been seen in various star systems. The ships had been used to interdict smuggling as well attack runs. A highly notable use of the Interdictor was in the second battle of Odyssey, where two of the ships were used in the brief recapture of the Ruins of Gabriel by the Blakists. These particular ships fought Coalition forces and managed to use nuclear weaponry to destroy a sizable chunk of Gabriel before leaving the area. One of the Interdictors was destroyed in the course of the battle with the Ghost Bears in May, 3075.[1]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Interdictor is heavily armed with capital and conventional weaponry. Principal anti-WarShip armaments include two AR-10 launchers with six Killer Whale and fourteen Barracuda capital missiles. The ship is also equipped with two experimental Sub-Capital Cannons with forty rounds shared between the guns. The Interdictor also has an array of Nine-tube Multi-Missile Launchers, guided by Artemis IV Fire Control Systems, including one dedicated protecting ship's aft quarter. The ship is also equipped with advanced tech weaponry, including twenty Large Variable-Speed Pulse Lasers, backed up by nine Heavy Particle Projection Cannons. The Heavy PPCs round out the ship's offensive armaments, while some of the above-mentioned weaponry is found in every section of the ship. As for defense, the ship has been equipped with nine Anti-Missile Systems in all its weapons arcs.

The Blakist engineers equipped the ship's main engine to push the ship to a maximum thrust of 11, with 400 tons of fuel. The ship's hull is protected with 112.5 tons' worth of Heavy Ferro-Aluminum armor.[1]


The ship has three transportation bays. Cargo Bay 1 is the home to the ship's hangar for two small craft with 2 launch bay doors. In Bay 2 is an Infantry Bay, where the ship's 36 battle armor enhanced marines are quartered. The bay has one access door. Bay 3 is the ship's cargo bay. It can store up to 566 tons worth of dry storage, and has two access doors.[1]


  • Interdictor Anti Ship 
    This second variant of the Interdictor is an anti-shipping vessel developed in 3075[4], instead of the interdiction/capture ship described earlier. The design is externally identical to the original design. However, the ship has been given an array of anti-ship weaponry at the cost of its marines, cargo, and missile weaponry. The ship's capital and sub-capital weaponry includes a Killer Whale launcher (10 rounds), 1 Piranha sub-capital missile launcher with (10 missiles), 4 sub-capital lasers/1 in each wing, and a pair of medium sub-capital cannons, with one in each wing section. The ship's conventional weaponry includes 10 HPPCs, 14 large VSP lasers, and 5 anti-missile systems. The ship's cargo capacity been reduced to 128 cargo tons (with 2 doors) and only retains enough room to carry a single small craft.[4]
  • Interdictor SCC-Class 
    This version of the Interdictor, introduced in 3078[5], is used extensively by the Republic of the Sphere. After seeing how effective anti-missile systems were, the Republic's Interdictors remove the capital and sub-capital missile launchers and replace them with two nose-mounted medium sub-capital cannon and a sub-capital laser/1 in each wing. With the increased space available, engineers increased each MML bay to hold three launchers and more ammunition and added three more heavy PPCs to the nose. A total of twenty large VSP lasers now cover every arc, and seven anti-missile system protect the ship. The remaining space (as well as some room from the cargo bay) was devoted to upgrading the marine's crew quarters, permitting longer deployments. BV (2.0) = 23,727[6]
  • Interdictor 3115 Refit 
    This Interdictor variant is based on the Republic of the Sphere model developed in 3115[7]. Its armament is the same, but it is equipped with a naval C3 system. BV (2.0) = 26,950[8]

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