Interstellar Expeditions

This article is about the corporation. For the game sourcebook, see Interstellar Expeditions: Interstellar Players 3.

Interstellar Expeditions
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Corporation Profile
Founding Year2974[1]
Previous Name(s)
  • Star Group;
  • Mutual Exploration Network
  • Cartography,
  • genealogical research,
  • archaeological digs,
  • anthropological investigations

Interstellar Expeditions was once a disorganized collective of hobbyists and academics backed by the idle wealthy investigating mysteries such as the fate of the Minnesota Tribe. However Interstellar Expeditions has emerged from the Jihad to take up the mission once claimed by ComStar's Explorer Corps: to search for the elusive hiding places where humanity's enemies might have gone. From the dead worlds on the borders of the Inner Sphere, to the distant, uncharted reaches of the Deep Periphery.


Early History[edit]

The origins of Interstellar Expeditions lie in the merger of two wildly different groups of archaeologists, historians and anthropologists from across the Inner Sphere; the Star Group and Mutual Exploration Network (MEN).[1][3][4]

The Star Group, formed from the merger of the Millennium Foundation and the Federation of Star Lookers in 2889, specialized in mounting archaeological expeditions for universities and museums. While initially widely respected, as the Third Succession War dragged on and research funding dried up, the Star Group was increasingly forced to turn to fortune hunting to remain viable, darkening its reputation as "mercenary archeologists" whose ethics could be bought, with a number of its members engaged in blatant treasure hunting. When the bulk of its more respectable academics chose to leave in 2968 in response to this direction, the Star Group considered disbanding entirely until they were approached by the Mutual Exploration Network.[1][3]

Founded in 2894, unlike the academically respected Star Group, the MEN was an entirely amateur organization of wealthy spendthrifts, conspiracy theorists and archaeological hobbyists whose only stated goal was to discover the truth behind the great mysteries of the universe, ranging from the fate of the Minnesota Tribe to seeking out the Greys, alien abductors who supposedly plagued twentieth century Terra. Much of the remaining members of the Star Group expressed concern that the goals of both groups were too divergent, but in truth both sides complemented the other, the Star Group offering the organizational leadership and academic credentials that the more amateur MEN lacked, while MEN provided the funding the Star Group desperately needed, with Interstellar Expeditions born in 2974. The new entity proved far stronger than its component parts and quickly mounted a number of highly successful expeditions.[1][3]

In October 3044, a group of archeologists from Interstellar Expeditions contracted the mercenary group Ace Darwin's WhipIts to provide security while they performed a dig on an abandoned Star League–era city on the planet Anywhere, in the Lyran Commonwealth.[5]

Soon after, the local government attacked the archeological site, intending to seize all Lostech. A battle between the local police and militia 'Mechs and Ace Darwin's people followed. The WhipIts defeated them and protected IE team while they evacuated.[6]

Thirty-first Century[edit]

As of 3095, Interstellar Expeditions had extended operations anti-spinward as far as SLSC G1IV.2510.[7] Interstellar Expeditions have made very public their "Grand Tours" where they retrace the Minnesota Tribe's path through the Draconis Combine in 2825. They have recovered artifacts including patches, uniforms, tissue sample, and one corpse.[8]


IE performs both mundane tasks such as genealogical research and more esoteric pursuits like stellar cartography, archaeological digs, anthropological investigations, and researching into lost colonies and Star League-era storage depots.[9]

IE operates according to the local laws of the operation and the guidelines of the Interstellar Archaeological and Anthropological Society (IAAS).[9]

IE hires mercenary command to carry out a nebulous range of services, that go from escort duties, security operations, investigations (criminal or otherwise), and other ad hoc tasks that might be required depending on the location and the situation. A generous allowance of the contract is the provision that the mercenary command retains the right to hire themselves out on parallel short-term contracts to concerns whose needs do not directly conflict with those of IE or the employer of IE. The company expects that the unit does not engage in criminal behavior. If the company learns of any illicit activity on the part of the mercenaries (regardless of the type), the mercenaries can expect immediate termination of their contract and loss of all supplied transportation and financial assistance. If the mercenaries violate the bylaws and strictures of the IAAS (for example despoiling a dig site by plunder or destruction), IE might go one further step and will blacklist the mercenary force as rogues or criminals and issue rewards for their apprehension.[9]

Known Bases[edit]

Mercenary Outreach: Galatea[2]

Stellar and Planetary Exploration Division (SPED)[2]:


Interstellar Expeditions operates both JumpShips and DropShips, at least one small WarShip, and various named Small Craft. They are also noted for emplacing science satellites. Some listed here have been lost to military, criminal, or even employee action.

Named Small Craft
Other Spacecraft



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