Ioto Galactic Enterprises

Ioto Galactic Enterprises
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Founding Year 2371[1]
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Alarion
Primary Products JumpShips

Ioto Galactic Enterprises is a JumpShip manufacturer in the Lyran Commonwealth.


The Lyran Commonwealth attracted the attention of Di Tron Heavy Industries shortly after initiating the first forays into design and construction in 2371;[1] DiTron was already a successful WarShip manufacturer, with the Dart-class light cruiser in production and the Aegis-class heavy cruiser due to enter production[2] in 2372.[3] Di Tron Heavy Industries had the know-how and experience, and businessmen in the Lyran Commonwealth had a firm grasp of financial chicanery. Avoiding the legalities of the restrictions the Terran Hegemony imposed on the sale of restricted technologies by DiTron, two months of financial artifice by the Lyrans led to the founding of a new company, Ioto Galactic Enterprises. Three years later the first Commonwealth-class light cruisers emerged from the Port Sydney Naval Shipyards.[2]

The Port Sydney Naval Shipyards located in the Alarion system was the only Di Tron manufacturing center to survive the fall of the Star League, though not unscathed. Raids during the Second Succession War saw its Jump Drive facilities crippled, preventing the creation of compact jump drives necessary for WarShip production. The Clan Invasion spurred House Steiner to pump fresh resources into the company and, in a joint venture with Bowie Industries, begin producing WarShips again with the creation of the Mjolnir-class. The company remained profitable after the FedCom Civil War, and its shipyards remain important and essential for the Lyrans to repair their military products and components on the shipyard.[4][5]

The Word of Blake struck at Alarion early in the Jihad, destroying the shipyards there and using a powerful bioweapon to annihilate the population of the planet. As a result, the Ioto Galactica Enterprises facility on Gibbs became a hugely important facility for the Lyran Alliance, as it was the only facility capable of maintaining the Alliance's reduced WarShip fleet as well as the sole JumpShip production shipyard in the Alliance.[6]

The Gibbs facility escaped any damage during the Jihad.[7] After the Jihad ended, the Gibbs facility was the only Lyran shipyard that could produce the K-F Drives needed by JumpShips.[8]


In 3067 the company's CEO is Seamus Zuiderwyk.[4]


Ioto Galactic Enterprises has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Note: The Alarion facility was destroyed during the Jihad, along with the Alarion system itself.[9]

Components produced on Alarion:
Component Type
Invader-class[4] JumpShip
Monolith-class[4] JumpShip
Scout-class[4] JumpShip
Commonwealth-class[2] WarShip (production ended during the Succession Wars)
Fox-class[4] WarShip
Mjolnir-class[4] WarShip - In coordination with Bowie Industries
Sylvester WarShip - Only 4 ever produced, between 2499 and 2514
Kearny-Fuchida Drive
K-F Mark IIb Scout[5]
K-F Mark VIIa Invader[5]
K-F Mark X Monolith[5]


In 3054 the Gibbs plant is secured by Ioto Security (1 conventional Infantry Company).[10]

Components produced on Gibbs:
Component Type
Merchant-class[4][8] JumpShip
Kearny-Fuchida Drive
K-F Mark V [citation needed]


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