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Iris Marik

Iris Marik
Character Profile
Born 2893
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General
Parents Samuel Marik (father)
Siblings Paul Marik
Children Brock Marik
Thaddeus Marik


Born in 2893[1], Iris Marik was the daughter of Samuel Marik and the younger sister of Paul Marik.[2][3]

The 44th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League,[1] Iris Marik was one of three Captains-General to rule in quick succession after the death of her father, Samuel Marik, in 2944. She served as Captain-General for just four months between the death of Paul Marik in March and a speeder accident in July of 2947 that left her irreparably crippled and unable to walk.[3][4][5]

Iris resigned from the office of Captain-General following the accident and was succeeded by her son, Brock Marik, who became the 45th Captain-General;[1] when Brock Marik died in 2948[1][6], Iris' second son Thaddeus became the 46th Captain-General.[5][7]

Described as a progressive who wanted to see the technological accomplishments of the preceding centuries recreated,[5] Iris remained a force in League politics until her death in 2960.[1]


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