Isesaki Shipping

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One of Chandrasekhar Kurita's numerous buisness holdings, Isesaki Shipping is an interstellar shipping company within in the Draconis Combine. [1] [2]

Isesaki Shipping
Isesaki Shipping Logo

Isesaki Shipping Logo
Company Information
Interstellar Company Yes
Primary Site(s) Isesaki
Primary Products Shipping

Company Profile[edit]

Home Office: Ukonsoi, Isesaki[1] [2]

President/CEO: Viscount Harold Machida (Circa 3025),[1] Viscount Ernest Machida (Circa 3072)[2]


Isesaki Shipping can trace its history back over 500 years around 3025, since before the Star League. While the company has gone through changes throughout the centuries, Isesaki has always held a royal patent to trade anywhere in human occupied space.[3] While the wars between the states of the Inner Sphere has sometimes prevented the company from trading as freely as it wished, the company's agents and its extensive contacts with "independent" traders ensure Isesaki can always find someone willing to make a deal.[1] [2] Their JumpShips have been spotted in the Tharkad system.[4]

After the Ronin War, Isesaki received considerable financial assistance as "Uncle Chandy" began to clandestinely invest in the company as a means of securing Hachiman Taro Electronics' shipping routes as well as allowing him to establish an extensive network of contacts beyond the Combine's borders.[5] In 3056 Isesaki hired several smaller mercenary commands to defend its ships from pirate forces.[6]

Unfortunately the company's ties to "Uncle Chandy" and its Sphere-wide operations meant Isesaki Shipping suffered heavy losses during the Jihad; in 3073, a raid on Shuen Wan in the Free Worlds League by the Capellan Confederation saw the indiscriminate use of tactical nuclear devices by the CCAF, and the Isesaki dockyard there was destroyed.[7] On the 21st of March 3075 Ukonsoi City was raided by the elite Word of Blake unit, the Opacus Venatori. The raid targeted the headquarters of Isesaki Shipping, levelling both the HQ and a wide swathe of the commercial district of the city, and killing the company's then CEO Viscount Ernest Machida.[8][9]


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