Isis Bekker

Isis Bekker
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Profession Galaxy Commander
Spouse Vincent Florala

Character Biography[edit]

Isis Bekker was the commanding officer of Omega Galaxy between 3136 and 3145.[1][2]

She lead her Galaxy on a relief mission to aid Vega in 3136, invited by the Republic of the Sphere.[1]

Omega Galaxy easily destroyed the warlords, but later they found fighting a guerrilla war, fighting an enemy always growing, and facing a population every day more hostile. Over this, a new philosophy started expanding between the Ghost Bears: the "Freeminders", who wanted their clan to join with the Inner Sphere people. Galaxy Commander Isis Bekker found proof the Draconis Combine was to invade the planet, and she took the only possible decision: joining the Freeminders, marrying with her lover, the Vegan temporary governor, Vincent Florala. [3]

The joint forces of the Bears and Vegans, with the unexpected assistance of a mercenary group under contract from Jacob Bannson defeated the invasion, and announced the formation of the new state indirectly protected by Clan Ghost Bear: the Vega Protectorate. [4]

While the Vega Protectorate was independent, Omega was starved of supplies by the Rasalhague Dominion, and the little new equipment it was able to obtain consisted largely of salvage or equipment purchased from Clan Sea Fox. When the First Vega Regulars successfully fought off an invasion by the Twelfth Falcon Jaegers in 3142 they not only achieved a notable victory - they also secured valuable salvage.[5]

Whilst Omega lacked equipment, it had no problem attracting recruits amongst the Vegan population, particularly after the Dominion began shipping Freeminders into the Protectorate. Omega's supply lines improved after the Vega Protectorate was absorbed into the Dominion and became a semi-autonomous province, and soon recovered their full strength.

She was a longtime friend of Galaxy Commander James Devon. James was instrumental in negotiating the Vega Protectorate peaceful absorption into the Rasalhague Dominion.[6]


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