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A warrior captured but then accepted into his new Clan as a warrior.
A slang term to refer to an aerospace fighter pilot.
Clan abbreviation of "Affirmative." Generally used in place of "Yes."
Air Lance
Alpha Strike Data Card 
A unit stat sheet, not unlike a Record Sheet, which provides stats for the unit or formation presented on it. This card is used in Alpha Strike Game System, allowing for speedier gameplay.
Arm of the Dragon 
The military forces of the Draconis Combine[1]
Short for "Assistant Technician" or "Apprentice Technician." They are apprentice technicians in the truest sense. They start as completely unskilled laborers and acquire knowledge (at least they should over time) as they continue in service.
Avalanche Drop 
A deliberate orbital drop directly on top of enemy forces.


Ballistic weapons
Weapons which fire high-speed, unguided projectiles designed to inflict kinetic and/or explosive damage. When compared to Energy Weapons, ballistic weapons produce far less heat, but are generally bulkier and dependent upon limited ammunition. On the Vehicular Scale, Ballistic Weapons fall broadly into three classes: Machine guns, Gauss rifles, and Autocannons. On the Infantry Portable Scale, Ballistic Weapons fall broadly into the categories of Rifles, Machine Guns, Cannons, Autocannons, Recoilless Rifles, GyroJet Rifles, and Gauss rifles.
Balloon Report 
A Balloon Report is an inaccurate summation of a battle that is filled with "flexible facts stretched around a lot of hot air" instead of an accurate Battle Report that describes the specifics of a battle both good and bad.
(Battle Challenge) The ritual by which Clan warriors issue combat challenges. Though the type and phrasing of the challenge varies, most begin with the challenger identifying himself, stating the prize of the contest, and requesting that the defender identify the forces at his disposal. All batchalls are closed and final when the phrase "bargained well and done" is spoken by both members of the bid.
A Clan military formation consisting of two Stars.
Blake's Blood 
Exclamation of alarm or dismay common in Succession War era Inner Sphere, referencing to ComStar founder Jerome Blake, before falling out of use with the Word of Blake Jihad.
Cabals of MechWarriors who aid (and sometimes hinder) the rulers of the Great Houses.
Bug 'Mech
A term used both in and out of the universe to refer primarily to an Unseen trio of 20-ton 'Mechs: the Locust, Stinger and Wasp alluding both to their insect based names as well as their minor combat ability when compared to heavier 'Mechs.
The second most powerful class in the Draconis Combine. They are the warriors, who fight for the glory of the Dragon.


Capital Weapons 
Weapons that are 10 times as powerful as standard scale weapons. The standard scale damage is 10 times that listed on tables unless otherwise noted. These weapons are typically found on WarShips and Fortresses. Capital Missiles may also be found on DropShips.
Canister Born 
Derisive Clan Freeborn slang for the artificial breeding element of the eugenic program or the Trueborn warriors that result from that process. Occasionally shortened to Canister.
Primary division within Clan society, which is rigidly divided into five castes in order of importance: Warrior, Scientist, Merchant, Technician, and Laborer. Each caste has many subcastes, which are based on specialties within a professional field. A sixth, unofficial caste, the Bandit or Dark Caste, exists outside Clan society.
Celestial Throne 
A synonym for Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation. Also, the literal throne of the Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation.
Clan term referring to persons or beliefs which challenge the Clans' rigid caste system.
Claws of the Dragon 
The military districts of the Draconis Combine.[1]
A Clan military formation consisting of four to five Binaries or Trinaries, roughly equivalent to a reinforced battalion or understrength regiment. At this level, Clan units are often combined-arms formations.
Combined Arms
A military formation which has its elements (BattleMechs, Vehicles, Infantry, aerospace fighters, etc.) more tightly mixed together. These range from regiments with dedicated battalions of vehicles to highly concentrated mixed units that can have units as small as companies or lances which do not segregate different types of combat elements. Hyphenated when used as an adjective.
Large districts which originally consisted of the signatory states within an interstellar nation. Such political states are used by the Capellan Confederation or independent nations.
Command Circuit 
Organized method of using series of JumpShips in relaying DropShip(s) to distant destinations in a short amount of time. For example, a DropShip leaving via a Command Circuit might take a week to arrive instead of spending months traveling and waiting for JumpShips to recharge.
The Chief of State of the Draconis Combine; also, the head of the Kurita family.
The Clan name for coitus.
Clan term referring to the minimum force necessary to win a trial for which there has been bidding. Bidders who can push their opponent into making a bid below the cutdown are considered clever, while those who win with a force smaller than the cutdown are greatly honored.


A Clan fighting unit that disgraces itself is known as a dezgra unit. The name also refers to the ritual whereby that unit is marked and punished. Any unit that refuses orders, panics in the face of the enemy, or takes dishonorable action is disgraced.
The appointed administrator of a Duchy. A Diem will be charged to administrate small groups of star systems referred to as warrens. The title is typically used by the Capellan Confederation.
The head of state of the Terran Hegemony.
A personal medallion, or coin, used in the coining ceremony prior to Clan Trial of Bloodright contests to determine which warrior can choose the manner of combat (i.e. augmented or unaugmented). The dogids of each warrior, also known as a Bloodright Coin, is released into the Well of Decision simultaneously with the winner being the one which lands on top.
A euphemism for the Draconis Combine or its head of state.
Dragon Days 
The local season when nights are at their longest.[1]
Dragon's Blood 
A rare gem like substance called jewelblood.[1]
Dragon's Breath 
Death from less than obvious sources. (e.g. He died from the Dragon's Breath.) Also means agents of the ISF.[1]
Dragon's Dove 
Help from lesser subjects or an unexpected source, particularly in times of need.[1]
Dragon's Joy 
A sense of satisfaction from helping the Draconis Combine.[1]
Dragon's Lair 
A safe place.[1]
Dragon's Seeds 
Worlds recently conquered by the Draconis Combine.[1]
Dragon's Tears 
Those military men and women who have fallen in service to the Draconis Combine.[1]
Dragon's Teeth 
The house guard of the First Lord of the Draconis Combine.[2]
Dragon's Time 


Eat Shells 
Suffer at the hands of the lesser skilled.[2]
Alternate term for individual military vehicles, 'Mechs, aerospace fighters, and other combat units.
A title given to both the technologically advanced power armor and the elite genetically engineered Clan infantry who pilot them.
A rare unit that has endured trials, hardships, and is capable of great military feats. These are troops or units that have seen the worst of combat and have come through. Their exploits are the fodder of holovids. Also used for a character of any experience level that had roll/skill targets of two or less for gunnery and three or less for piloting in BattleTech.
Reporting name/Slang term for parties from the Lyran Commonwealth (LC = elle see), primarily used by members of Free Worlds League and Federated Suns.
A thirty-second century Genotype of Clan Warrior that was first introduced by the scientist caste of Clan Jade Falcon. It combined all three existing genotypes of Clan Warrior; MechWarrior, Elemental, and aerospace pilot. The resulting combination results in slightly shorter, large headed individuals who show superior reflexes and other abilities. Other Inner Sphere Clans have adopted the genotype as well. They are considered to be superior to typical Clan warrior, but also they are rarely used unless extreme situation are called for. The name of the genotype comes from term Elite Ristar.[3]
Energy Weapons 
Term for weapons which deal damage by directing a concentrated beam of particles or radiation against a target. Unlike Ballistic Weapons, energy weapons are extremely light and compact and when linked a fusion reactor are ammunition free, but produce very large amounts of waste heat. These weapons fall broadly into three classes: Flamers, Lasers, and PPCs.
This is the name used for official canon rules/unit corrections which are issued from publisher of BattleTech. These rules corrections pertain to rules/units which may not be published again for long period of time.[4][5] The singular is erratum.
Errant MechWarrior 
A lone MechWarrior who is hired to act as protector of underdefended worlds. They are normally found in the Periphery, and always own their own 'Mechs.[6]
Eyes of the Dragon 
A weak spot.[2]


A common construction material used across the Inner Sphere and beyond.
First Egg, The 
The beginnings of the Draconis Combine.[2]
First Precentor 
The second-highest office of ComStar, established during the FedCom Civil War. Notably held by Gavin Dow.
First Prince 
The leader of the Federated Suns and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns.
Fist of the Dragon 
Commanding General of the Draconis Combine's army.[2]


A warrior whose DNA was used in the sperm used to produce trueborn children in a sibko. Despite the name, a Genefather can be either a male or female warrior, as Clan scientists can implant the DNA of either sex into a sperm.
A warrior whose DNA was used in the egg used to produce trueborn children in a sibko. Despite the name, a Genemother can be either a male or female warrior, as Clan scientists can implant the DNA of either sex into an egg. A trueborn warrior is only eligible to fight for the Bloodname of his or her genemother.
Genetic Repository 
A Clan facility designed to store, maintain, and create new Clan Warriors using the DNA of the founders and their Bloodname successors. Two separate DNA samples are put into a device known as an Iron Womb, where a child develops.
Typically applied to troops that are unblooded or inexperienced. Also used for a character of any experience level that had unmodified roll/skill targets of five or higher for gunnery and six or higher for piloting in BattleTech.
A familiar title for the Earls of House Stewart in the Free Worlds League; coined in 2406 after Earl Nathan Stewart declared the title of Earl to be "good enough."


Head Like a Shell 
(Derogatory) Inexperienced or incompetent.[2]
Heart of the Dragon 
Resources and manpower of the Draconis Combine.[2]
HeavyMetal Aero 
The official CBT software for the design of aerospace fighters, DropShips, JumpShips, WarShips, space stations, monitors, and conventional (combat) fighters.
HeavyMetal Battle Armor 
The official CBT software for the design of battle armor.
HeavyMetal Lite 
The official CBT software for ProtoMech design, as well as printouts for battle armor and infantry platoon designs.
HeavyMetal Plus 
A bundle of three official CBT software programs: HeavyMetal Pro, HeavyMetal Aero, and HeavyMetal Vee.
HeavyMetal Pro 
The official CBT software for 'Mech design.
HeavyMetal Vee 
The official CBT software for designing combat vehicles.
Heavy Weapons 
The new Core Books use this term for standard scale CBT Weapons.
Honorable withdrawal from battle granted by a Clan warrior to a defeated enemy. Hegira allows the opponent to withdraw honorably from the field without further combat or cost.
Heir apparent 
Person expected but (usually) not confirmed to be another's heir, often used for the nobility but not restricted to it.
Person officially designated to succeed a ruling head of state, such as a crown prince; often shortened to heir. Hyphenated if used as a title, as in the Draconis Combine.
This is the Draconis Combine class for the commoners who perform the manual labor in society.
High Council 
A group of democratic, hereditary, and other officials chosen by the leadership of the member worlds of the Federated Suns who officially governed the nation.
House of Scions 
A gathering of the Capellan nobility.
A type of high speed waterborne naval vehicle which can weigh over 100 tons. Typically they can be used as a type of Combat Vehicle known as a Surface Naval Vessel.[7]


State Messenger, a title and office specific to Clan Blood Spirit, an ambassador from the Blood Spirits to a particular Clan.
Iron Womb 
Clan device used to artificially conceive children. These devices are usually found in genetic repositories.
The spoils of battle, including bondsmen, claimed by victorious Clan warriors.


The term used by the JàrnFòlk to describe their JumpShips; translates literally as "iron ships."[8]
A slang term to refer to a MechWarrior
Abbreviation of Hyperspace Jump, faster-than-light travel from one Jump Point to another, typically covering up to thirty light-years in mere seconds.
Jump Infantry 
Type of infantry unit equipped with jet packs, greatly increasing maneuverability.


An entry level rank of Knight in the service of the Republic of the Sphere; there is no equivalent to this rank. For information see article in Republic of the Sphere main article. Also the Brotherhood of Randis rank for a lance commander. Originally used for wandering (errant) knights.
The highest class in the Draconis Combine. They are the nobility, responsible for running much of the government.
A Clan war council.


Land Train 
A large ground-based Support Vehicle which consists of a tractor and multiple trailers. This type of vehicle can be either wheeled or tracked. It usually pulls between 160 to 200 tons. These vehicles serve as large capacity cargo vehicles on colonies or undeveloped worlds with no transportation infrastructure.
Letter of Marque 
Essentially a license to commit piracy against the issuing state's enemies. This concept is fully explained in this Wikipedia article.
Light Weapons 
Term the new core rules use for Pistols, Infantry Long Arms, and other weapons that are not commonly mounted in vehicles or on vehicle Pintle Mounts. These weapons may be attached to battle armor Anti-Personnel Weapon Mounts and are not otherwise accounted for in the construction rules for any type of unit other than an Inner Sphere Infantry Platoon or Clan Solahma Infantry Squad.
  • A general term, as yet undefined, referring to things akin to the Internet or a website.[9][10]
  • The name of a specific five-HPG partnership formed in 3136; see LinkNet (news service).
A commercial cargo handling IndustrialMech. Typically employed to do physical labor. They are usually powered by internal combustion engines and used by civilians. They are used by military forces to reload weaponry and move supplies.
Ling-Temco-Vought (LTV)
A firm that designed a large number of fusion engines, jump jets, and other equipment. Seen primarily in the equipment that other firms produce by license.


Title of the Supreme Leader of Magistracy of Canopus. An elected title, which is voted on by the Central Committee and Canopian Electors. The title can be only held by a woman.
A noble rank of the Capellan Confederation. Approximately equal to a Baron in other realms. Mandrissa is the female equivalent title.[11]
A slang term to refer to a MechWarrior
Melee Weapons
Term for BattleMech scale melee weapons such as Hatchets and Swords. While nominally armed with ranged weaponry, the technological decline of the Succession Wars led to the development of specialized BattleMech scale melee weapons in response to the impromptu battlefield debris for physical attacks. While many deride melee weapons as a waste of tonnage and the Clans consider them highly dishonorable, their ability to inflict increased damage without a heat cost has led to their appearance both in and outside the arenas of Solaris VII.
Mercenary's Star
A popular term referring to the premier center of mercenary hiring in the Inner Sphere.
(New) Free Worlds League political title created by Nikol Marik in 3138, whose duties include ministering to the people of the League to ensure people of the league remain free.[12] The MG also sits over FWL Parliament while it is in session and handles domestic affairs of the League.[13] Acts as primary aide to the Captain-General.
Missile Weapons
Missile Weapons are Rockets and Missiles that are fired from tubes and include an engine in the projectile. Some of these weapons travel a flat trajectory, others have an arcing trajectory that allows them to clear terrain features. In general parlance, Rockets are unguided and Missiles have some form of guidance.
A variation on the motorcycle with only one wheel.
Muga is the state where nothing separates the doer from the doing. The deed is effortless and masterful. This goal applies to military, artistic, religious, and secular endeavors.[14]
A description of a commissioned officer who spent time in the enlisted ranks before becoming an officer.


A series of zellbrigen duels. Also called "the strike of the unswerving sword": a battle philosophy dictating a series of direct attacks by Clan Jade Falcon.[15][16]
Naval Star 
A Clan formation consisting of 5–6 individual JumpShips or WarShips under the command of a Trueborn officer with the rank of Star Admiral.[17]
Clan abbreviation of "Negative."
This concept, first espoused by Edward Schedrin, was an attempt to balance the needs of massive, marginal working populations with those of their societies as a whole.[18]


Clan name for the master of any particular Clan ceremony. This can be a temporary position for small ceremonies or events such as trials, or a permanent position answering to the Khan of a Clan. Oathmasters are also responsible for knowing rules and laws of the various ceremonies to be conducted.
Borrowed from Japanese, literally "foster parent." He is also the absolute leader of a Yakuza clan.


A MechWarrior's acronym for "Poor Bloody Infantry," those forced to fight without a 'Mech or other vehicle. Often crushed underfoot, toasted with Flamers, or riddled with Machine Gun bullets by amused pilots; PBIs fight back with shoulder-launched SRMs, Inferno missiles, hand Flamers, and satchel charges.
Personal Weapons 
Pistols and other small weapons carried in addition to any arms issued.
Pillars of the Dragon 
The five pillars of the Draconis Combine.[2]
The aerospace fighter equivalent of a MechWarrior. Occasionally used as a synonym for MechWarrior.
Pit Fighter 
Solaris VII slang for specialized combat exoskeletons used in arena fighting.
An Inner Sphere military formation, a platoon is the infantry equivalent of the BattleMech/Combat Vehicle Lance, and can consist of anywhere between eight and 28 men depending on infantry type.
The smallest Clan military formation, consisting either of one BattleMech, two Land Vehicles or aerospace fighters, five battle armored infantry or ProtoMechs, or five Squads of conventional infantry (25 men total). Commanded by a Point Commander.
Pod Space 
The amount of unallocated space that an OmniMech, OmniFighter, or OmniVehicle carries. Pod Space is what allows the OmniMech its tactical flexibility. Weapons, ammunition, and components can be mounted within free Pod Space using OmniPods
Point Commander 
A Clan rank, given to the commander of a Point. See Point Commander.
Officially, the lawmaking body of the Capellan Confederation; made up of the six leaders of the Capellan member states, which generally includes the current Chancellor.
A geopolitical district of land or a group of star systems. The latter is commonly utilized within in the Capellan Confederation, Draconis Combine, Republic of the Sphere. They are small collections of planets within a Commonality, each ruled by an appointed administrator.
Prince of the Dragon 
First Lord of the Draconis Combine.[2]
Privy Council 
A group of the highest advisers to the First Prince of the Federated Suns; extremely important in running the day-to-day affairs of the state.
Provisional Galaxy 
A second-line or reserve Clan formation consisting mainly of second-line BattleMechs and other equipment. Provisional Galaxies are used to garrison and defend Clan worlds.
Power armor 
Essentially an industrial exoskeleton that has been covered in armor, this suit of infantry armor is powered by battery packs and may or may not be armed. Power armor comes in the following flavors in the game rules: power armor (light), light battle armor (also known as "scout battle armor"), medium battle armor, heavy battle armor, and assault battle armor.


Clan word used at the end of a question in which an affirmative response is expected.
Clan word used at the end of a question in which a negative response is expected.


Recharge station 
A space station, generally located at a zenith or nadir point within a solar system, where JumpShips and WarShips can recharge their jump drives more quickly than through the use of their Jump Sails alone.
Clan honor-bound promise. Breaking a rede may be punishable by death.
A unit composed of troops that have some combat experience and have worked together for an extended period of time. Also used for a character of any experience level that had roll/skill targets of four for gunnery and five for piloting in BattleTech.
Remembrance, The 
Ongoing heroic saga detailing Clan history from the time of the Exodus to the present day. Each Clan has a slightly different version reflecting their own opinions and experiences, and all Clan warriors can quote whole verses of this marvelous epic from memory. See The Remembrance page for more information.
The Clan Jade Falcon term for a civil war.
A colloquial term for Unseen 'Mechs that have been given new artwork to bring the designs back into published works. Note: The stats themselves and the BattleTech name for the 'Mech were created by FASA and were therefore never in question, only the artwork.
Technological term for Primitive Technology in the late thirty-first century. The Age of War level of technology was revitalized among haggard factions of the Inner Sphere to bolster their armies with any type of equipment, regardless of the technological level.[19] The term was originally coined by the MRBC.[20] Often styled RetroTech.
Clan portmanteau for "rising star," referring to a particularly gifted warrior on his or her way to high position.
Rite of the Vision 
Clan Nova Cat ritual in which a warrior meditates before a large fire to bring on a vision of that person's future. The ritual uses objects known as a vineer to bring about this vision. The warrior also does not sleep for over 24 hours and fasts.
A Japanese term for "masterless samurai."


The term used by the JàrnFòlk to describe the family-controlled trading fleets present within JàrnFòlk society.[8]
A post-Jihad Solaris VII infantry warrior. Can be part of a named team or a solo warrior.
A specific subclass of IndustrialMech, produced in accordance with the SecurityMech Treaty of 2613 and intended for use by police (in the form of PoliceMechs) and corporate security forces.[21] A related, but slightly different form of Mech is the MilitiaMech whose intended purpose is more in line with low intensity combat in contrast to dual-usage SecurityMechs.
The process of turning off most 'Mech systems, including weapons and movement. Usually voluntary, it can also happen due to damage or excessive heat.
The name given by the JàrnFòlk to outcasts from their society.[22]
Smile of the Dragon 
Glee at the defeat of a strong opponent.[2]
Term under which DCMS soldiers are known outside their frontiers, basically if given individual comes from the Lyran Commonwealth or the Federated Suns.
This term, which also means "siblings," is also used by the JàrnFòlk to refer to members of their own clan regardless of actual blood relationship.[8]
Sons of the Dragon 
Loyal citizens of the Draconis Combine.[2]
The owner a Solaris VII Stable.
Star League Dollar
The single, unified currency unit used by the Inner Sphere during the Star League. It was backed by the Star League's stock of germanium, which is an integral material in K-F jump drives. Compare to C-bill and H-Bill.
A Clan epithet favored by members of the Warrior Caste, loosely translated as "freeborn."
Surface Naval Vessel
These vessels are descended from the Ships and Boats used in ancient Terra. They are loosely classed into standard hulled boats or Hydrofoils.


The people in charge of making repairs to any equipment. Usually used in conjunction of the type of technology they delve in.
Terra Synchronized Time 
Also known as (TST) — this relates the time on any world to the traditional, twenty-four hour clock set to the rise and the fall of local sun(s), dividing the world's time into standard Earth hours and days.[23]
The title given to one of the four co-rulers of the Tikonov Union and the later Tikonov Grand Union while those states existed.[24]
The Thuggee Cult was a pre-spaceflight death cult of assassins, which was secretly devoted to the Hindu death goddess, Kali. The cult was known to have numerous enclaves throughout the Inner Sphere by the thirty-first century. They became more public in their devotion to Romano and Kali Liao in thirty-first century, viewing them as avatars.[25]


Mixed use term for any individual combat organized formation (Example: lances, companies, etc.). This term is sometimes applied to individual vehicles, BattleMechs, or aerospace fighters.
The lowest class of the Draconis Combine, composed of society's undesirables including criminal elements like the yakuza.


A unit that has several years of successful combat experience. Capable of undertaking the most difficult missions and succeeding. Also used for a character of any experience level that had roll/skill targets of three for gunnery and four for piloting in BattleTech.
A Clan Nova Cat name for an object from a warrior's past which is used for their Clan's Rite of the Vision. The object is usually a fragment of the person's life in which they throw into a fire to bring about a vision of a warrior's future.[26]
Virtues of the Dragon 
The five virtues that every citizen of the Draconis Combine is extolled to have: Bravery, Tenacity, Audacity, Integrity, and Wisdom.[2]
The title of the ruler of the Malagrotta Cooperative during the existence of that nation.


The name for a pair of star systems that belong to a Duchy or Grand Duchy, typically used in the Capellan Confederation. Diems are usually appointed by a Duke or Duchess to govern a warren.[27]


Yellow Bird, The 
A yellow bird that seeks to blind the sleeping dragon of the Draconis Combine. In common usage this also means enemies of the Draconis Combine, particularly those that seem harmless or are overlooked.[28]


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