Ivan Kerensky

Ivan Kerensky
Ivan Kerensky
Character Profile
Born 3042[1]
Affiliation Clan Wolf
Profession Khan

Ivan Kerensky was a warrior of Clan Wolf who would rise to become Khan during the years after the Jihad and the Wars of Reaving.[2]


Born during the years prior to Operation REVIVAL, little is known about the early life of Ivan Kerensky. He was said to be an excellent tactician and strategist with a strong sense of Clan tradition.[1]

Early Career and Rise[edit]

Ivan Kerensky came to Khan Vladimir Ward's attention early in his tenure as a Star Colonel commanding the First Wolf Assault Cluster. Kerensky proposed a plan that would see the Wolves strike out across the Clan Jade Falcon occupation zone at the Lyran Alliance. His plan cut off the Jade Falcon forward advance, forcing them to also attack Lyran worlds, while bettering their position for a renewed advance on Terra and blooding the youngest generations of Wolf warriors. This plan was executed to great effect and advantage to his Clan, helping him to become elected saKhan in 3071, after the death of Marialle Radick during the Word of Blake's Scouring of Tamar. He would serve Khan Ward loyally, as long as Clan law and tradition were observed.[1][3]

On the 20th of January 3075 saKhan Ivan Kerensky issued the direction to those Clan Wolf forces assigned to the coalition being assembled by Devlin Stone that they were to obey the orders of their assigned coalition superiors on pain of reprisals from the Khans and Loremaster, but that when off-duty, all Wolf personnel were to restrict themselves to Wolf enclaves so as to limit the potential exposure to taint from their dezgra allies.[4]

Khan of the Wolves[edit]

Khan Vlad Ward died in 3083 on Rodigo, and saKhan Kerensky was elected Khan of the Wolves as the logical choice. His first action was to rein in his enraged Wolves, who were spoiling for a retaliatory attack into Clan Hell's Horses territory, knowing that his damaged and weakened Clan could succeed only to fall to another Clan due to critical shortages of war matériel. Another early action was the removal of Katherine Wolf from the newly rebuilt capital on Tamar, distancing himself from the former Spheroid noble in a departure from the policy of his predecessor. To support their new Khan, the Wolves elected another Kerensky - Anatoli Kerensky - to serve as Ivan's saKhan while the Wolves entered a new era.[5]

A disastrous Trial against Clan Diamond Shark in 3097 led to the Clan levying a two hundred percent price increase on Clan Wolf. Khan Kerensky, in response, issued a Trial of Reaving against the Wolf commander, Star Colonel Jess Calvert, and all of the Bloodnamed Wolf warriors who had died during their combat against the Sharks. These Reavings touched no fewer than four major Bloodhouses across five Clans. The fallout of these Reavings would lead to the Kittredge Compromise, preventing future Trials of Reaving from being used to settle disputes.

Unfortunately, the Kittredge Compromise resulted in the near-opposite end result. Underperforming Bloodnames throughout the Inner Sphere faced many Trials, with most suffering losses while others would be fully annihilated.[6]


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