Ivan Steiner

Ivan Steiner
Character Profile
Born 3001[1][2]
Affiliation House Steiner
Rank General[3]
Parents Jack Milby (father)[4]
Nondi Steiner (mother)[4]
Siblings Lisa Steiner II[4]
Richard Steiner II[4]
Spouse Jacqueline Brewer[3][2]
Children Luther Steiner-Brewer[2]

Ivan Steiner was a Lyran nobleman and an officer in the LCAF.


Early life[edit]

Ivan Steiner was born in 3001 as the oldest son of Nondi Steiner.[3]

First Royal Guards[edit]

By 3025 Ivan was a company commander in the First Royal Guards.[4]

Terra Firma OA[edit]

He was the commander of the Terra Firma Operational Area in 3050.[5]

Lyran Guards Brigade[edit]

Ivan would eventually be the commander of the Lyran Guards Brigade in 3057. He led the command with mixed success.[6]

His good connection through the marriage to the daughter of the CEO of Defiance Industries of Hesperus granted him a position with high influence.[6]

FedCom Civil War[edit]

Despite the fact his mother was the regent, Ivan attempted to walk a fine line during the conflict, supporting his mother's administration while making few moves that showed direct opposition to other claimants to the throne. Likely due to this restraint, Ivan retained his position after the war's end.[7] Prior to Peter Steiner-Davion's ratification as Archon by the Estates General, Ivan was briefly discussed as a potential choice for Archon by those keen to cut ties from the Steiner-Davion dynasty. As the Steiner most closely related to the ruling line, Ivan was briefly the presumptive heir to the throne[8], though the chaos of the Jihad would change his proximity to the crown.


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