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State Profile
Founding Year 16 July 2504[citation needed]
Controlled system(s): 4[1]

The JàrnFòlk (literally 'Iron People') are a society of deep Periphery denizens residing approximately 250 light years spinward of Columbus. The JàrnFòlk inhabit four worlds—Hamar, Trondheim (distinct from Trondheim located within the Inner Sphere), Ålborg and Hofn. The JàrnFòlk left the Inner Sphere as refugees and arrived in the Deep Periphery as a result of the Draconis Combine's harsh treatment of Rasalhagian worlds during the 2500s.




The JàrnFòlk are loosely governed by a confederation-style council. As the JàrnFòlk confederation is rather weak, power within JàrnFòlk society mainly resides with nine familial clans which make up the JàrnFòlk population.

The JàrnFòlk speak a language most akin to Old Norse. It is unknown if the JàrnFòlk maintain many more Old Norse traditions, however the JàrnFòlk do decorate their spacefaring vessels in Urnes-style curvilinear artwork frequently seen in Terran Old Norse ruins.



The JàrnFòlk inhabited 4 worlds:


Great Families[edit]

The social structure is built around clans/great families. Each family searches for ways to dominate the others. Every member of the society has some kind of relationship to a family and this is regarded with honor. Any attack against a family leads to a duel with a deadly ending. The duels/vendettas follow strict rituals and any breach of the regulations is punished with harsh brutality.[2]


Family Heads
Family leaders Family
Mattias Essendorp Jensen family
Elin Skjolden Skjolden family
Hans Gudmundsson Gudmundsson family
Jacob Hansen Klünder family
Maiken Pedersdottir Höeg family
Jon Jespersen Jespersen family
Jannick Hastrup Hastrup family
Thor Torvald Torvald family
Alice James James family


The JàrnFòlk are known to trade with other periphery powers like the Hanseatic League and in other ways support a largely agrarian lifestyle. All planets can support some small scale high-tech industry, capable of producing excellent handmade pistols (JàrnFòlk pistol) and other forms of handmade crafts such as jewelry.

Every great family owns a sælgeflåde (JumpShip fleet for trade) and the service in these fleets is held in high honors within their society.


JàrnFòlk society is generally not particularly aggressive, tending to engage in hostilities only when demanded by a blood feud between families. Killings not related to preestablished blood feuds are viewed with extreme intolerance, and perpetrators are mercilessly hunted for any transgressions.

As JàrnFòlk people do not engage in large-scale combat, the JàrnFòlk maintain no standing army, nor do they field any BattleMechs or combat vehicles. However, JàrnFòlk customarily wear ornate sidearms of exquisite manufacture. These sidearms are surrendered only in the most dire of circumstances.

During the late 3060s, rumors began to appear suggesting kill teams of JàrnFòlk had begun working as assassins. The veracity of these claims may be solid.[3][4]

History (Timeline)[edit]

  • July 16th 2504 - formation of the JàrnFòlk
  • the society has its roots in the crews of nine JumpShips
  • for 5 centuries little is known about the internal affairs
  • contact with explorer corps of ComStar


JàrnFòlk are explorers and Deep Periphery traders. Each familial clan maintains JumpShips and DropShips, which can be spotted on shipping lanes within the deep Periphery.

Contact with the JàrnFòlk may have occurred as early as 2755, when an unidentified JumpShip arrived in the Pegasus system only to depart without deployment of a jump sail. The JàrnFòlk also encountered the Clans prior to Operation REVIVAL in 2981. Upon discovery, the Clans seized and boarded the JàrnFòlk vessel. After a thorough investigation, the vessel and its crew were deemed harmless and were allowed to depart. Since that time, the Clans occasionally encounter other JàrnFòlk trade vessels within the Deep Periphery.


The JàrnFòlk field highly trained bodyguards. Each teammember has their own specialization. A common operation is: one member operates in the background, one guards the side and one guards the back of the individual that is protected. The team is trained to know one another's capabilities and to fight in the way of Poznai Sebia, a martial art developed during the twentieth-century in Russia. [5]

There are two types of these teams:

Guild assassins
These teams follow rules, such as killing only their target without other fatalities.
They were expelled from their society and have sold their deadly services to the highest bidder. Sometimes, members of these teams come to relish murder. [6]


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