J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated

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J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated
Corporation Profile
Founding Year 3053[1]
Headquarters: Godenboro (Storfors)[1]
Leadership: CEO
Products: BattleMechs[1]
Division(s) New Earth


J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated (JBBMI) was founded in 3053 by Jillianne Suliben, an entrepreneur whose family was killed during the Clan Invasion. Ms. Suliben purchased the molds and plans for the Chameleon training 'Mech from Defiance Industries and refurbished an ancient production line on Storfors. The first production run of Chameleons was completed in 3056; using the knowledge gained by retrofitting the line, J.B. BattleMechs began producing the Dragon Fire heavy 'Mech shortly thereafter.[1] The first Dragon Fire was completed in 3058, and the Draconis Combine purchased the first company of Dragon Fires, with the design quickly proving a success in Operation BULLDOG and the Great Refusal, providing a surge in orders.

In the 3060s, the Federated Commonwealth government requested that J.B. BattleMechs work on the Red Devil Industries Pandora plant. Though Ms. Suliben was uncertain of this investment, the FedCom government promised loan guarantees, government orders, and a license for any and all 'Mechs produced at the facility. With those tempting offers, J.B. BattleMechs began overhauling the production lines on Pandora. Though Clan Jade Falcon took the world and the plant, rendering most of the investment a waste, the Lyran Alliance government came through on the contracts for production they had promised. Orders for 'Mechs that were originally to be produced at Pandora flooded into the Storfors plant. This increased demand resulted in a hiring spree at J.B. BattleMechs, as the company worked feverishly to meet the demand.[1]

In the mid-3060s, JBBMI received a new subsidiary contract from the Word of Blake for the production of a new variant of the Dragon Fire that incorporated the Blakists' new C3 technology. This increased the confidence of shareholders in the company as it allowed JBBMI to achieve solid profit goals. During this period JBBMI expanded to include production facilities in not just the Lyran Alliance, but also the Federated Suns and Draconis Combine.[2]

In early 3068, JBBMI was struck by a financial crisis, which resulted in a change in ownership after three stockholders managed to acquire control of over sixty percent of the corporation. Under the new ownership regime, most of the production facilities located in the Draconis Combine, Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance were closed, resulting in massive layoffs. Despite the layoffs, reports circulated suggesting that JBBMI was opening new facilities on Caph, Epsilon Eridani and New Earth, but none of the laid-off workers from other realms were offered the option to transfer to any of these new facilities. JBBMI continued to produce the DGR-6FC variant of the Dragon Fire, but only for the Word of Blake, although a raid on the facility at Myers on New Earth allegedly saw the Skye Rangers abscond with a half-dozen of these 'Mechs.[2]

During the Jihad, investigators discovered that the Word of Blake had invested heavily in J.B. BattleMechs. The Lyran Alliance removed J.B. BattleMechs from the Lyran stock exchange. In the late 3070s a consortium of local investors was able to purchase the company outright from Jerome's Trust, a Lyran government holding company dedicated to selling off all Blakist assets in the Commonwealth.[3]

The Storfors plant sustained some damage during the Jihad. Approximately 20% of the factory lines and personnel were lost in the conflict, but by 3079 the plant was operating at 70% of its pre-Jihad levels.[4]

The campaign to liberate New Earth during Operation SCOUR was particularly destructive, both in the ground battles and as a result of orbital bombardments. The defending Word of Blake forces ensured that little industry remained after their defeat, making it extremely likely that the J.B. BattleMechs facility on New Earth was destroyed.[5]


In 3067, the company's CEO is Landgrave Jillianne Suliben.[1]


J.B. BattleMechs Incorporated has manufacturing centers on the following planets:

New Earth[edit]

It is believed that this facility was destroyed in 3078 during the liberation of New Earth.[5]

Components produced on New Earth:[6]
Component Type
DGR-6FC Dragon Fire[2] Heavy BattleMech
TR-XB Trebaruna[6] Assault BattleMech
NOS Rev 7-ETS Quad Trebaruna[6]
Fusion Engine
Pitban 285 Trebaruna[6]
Improved Jump Jets
Chilton 950 Trebaruna[6]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
Durallex Heavy w/CASE Trebaruna[6]
Communications System
Hartford JEQ-5 Trebaruna[6]
Targeting-Tracking System
Orion Suretrak XVII with Targeting Computer Trebaruna[6]
Gauss Rifle
Imperator Dragon's Fire Trebaruna[6]
Light PPC
Moscovia Trebaruna[6]


Components produced on Storfors:[7][8][9][10][3]
Component Type
CLN-7V Chameleon[7][3] Medium BattleMech
DGR-3F Dragon Fire[8] Heavy BattleMech
BLR-4S BattleMaster[9][3] Assault BattleMech
BLR-10S BattleMaster[10][3] Assault BattleMech
Enran TXS2A Chameleon[7]
Rayalstar ATE Endo Steel Dragon Fire[8]
StarFrame Heavy BattleMaster 4S[9] & BattleMaster 10S[10]
Fusion Engine
Edasich Compact 255 BattleMaster 10S[10]
Vlar 300 Chameleon[7]
Light Fusion Engine
VOX 340 Light BattleMaster 4S[9]
Extralight Fusion Engine
Pitban 300 XL Dragon Fire[8]
Armor (BattleMechs & Combat Vehicles)
ArcShield Maxi BattleMaster 10S[10]
ArcShield Maxi II Dragon Fire[8]
Simple Plate Manufacturers Type M Chameleon[7]
Ferro-fibrous Armor
ArcShield Maxi X ferro-fibrous BattleMaster 4S[9]
Jump Jets
McCloud Specials Chameleon[7]
Communications System
CeresCom Model 21-Rs Dragon Fire[8]
Jolex Systems Chameleon[7]
O/P 3000 COMSET with Guardian ECM BattleMaster 4S[9] & BattleMaster 10S (with Guardian ECM)[10]
Targeting-Tracking System
Cyclops Multi-Tasker 10 with Artemis IV BattleMaster 4S (with Artemis IV)[9] & BattleMaster 10S[10]
FireScan with Indirect Trak Dragon Fire[8]
Optisight-12 Chameleon[7]
Gauss Rifle
Zeus Slingshot BattleMaster 4S[9]
Defiance 1001 BattleMaster 10S[10]
Small Pulse Laser
Defiance P5S BattleMaster 4S[9]
ER Small Laser
Diverse Optics BattleMaster 10S[10]
ER Medium Laser
Diverse Optics BattleMaster 10S[10]
RAMTech 1500Z BattleMaster 4S[9]
Medium Laser
Defiance B3M BattleMaster 4S[9]
Streak SRM-4
Coventry TH4b BattleMaster 10S[10]
TharHes Maxi Short Range BattleMaster 4S[9]
Defiance Razorback ABA BattleMaster 10S[10]


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