Jacali Nostra

Jacali Nostra.png
Jacali Nostra
Character Profile
Born 3089[1]
Died 29 December 3142[2]
Affiliation Clan Nova Cat
Rank Khan

Jacali Nostra was a trueborn MechWarrior and the final Khan of Clan Nova Cat.


Second Combine-Ghost Bear War[edit]

The Second Combine-Ghost Bear War had a heavy impact upon Clan Nova Cat and also on the young Jacali Nostra. At the age of 10, her sibko was forced to flee from Black Dragon extermination squads on Teniente. This instilled in her a deep desire to free her Clan from the Draconis Combine. Jacali won her Bloodname in 3114, and eagerly joined the Kesari movement which she took a leading role. With the support from the rest of the members of the Kesari, she was able to easily win election to Khan in 3120.[1]

Her major achievement as Khan was the ability to rebuild the Nova Cat Touman through years of negotiations with the Combine. They gave the Nova Cats permission to rebuild their Touman, but it was still not as large as it had been in the previous century. This act gave her a groundswell of support and approval from her Clan.[1]

In the early 3130s, Nostra began the planning of removing the Nova Cats from Combine space. She started this off by giving material support to Katana Tormark and her Dragon's Fury before the blackout. Jacali believed that Katana would one day become a thorn in the side of the Kurita family.[1]

Nostra agreed to attach a Galaxy of Nova Cat Warriors to Katana Tormark's forces in Republic space to help reconquer the remaining worlds that make up the Dieron Military District. In return, Tormark passed an undisclosed agreement on to Khan Jacali.[3]

Jacali unleashed her Cats in an open revolt in 3141 throwing their support behind Emi Kurita, who was the daughter of Coordinator Vincent Kurita. The Khan was promised that if her rebellion succeed in dethroning the "Puppet" Coordinator, the Irece Prefecture would become independent and ruled by the Nova Cats.[1]Unfortunately for Nostra and the rest of the rebels, the strength of their opponents was far greater than what they estimated. She would fall in combat during the final defense of Irece.[1]


Her voice was permanently damaged as a result from the various Trials necessary to achieve her position.[citation needed]


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