Jack Manterack

Jack Manterack
Character Profile
Affiliation Red Jians Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Jack Manterack is a Solaris VII MechWarrior that has always fought on Solaris league BBL.


Jack Manterack has lived a career full of bad luck. This season he's occupying the last position in the Class Five division, and he is ranked forty-sixth in the individual standings.

Worn down by his misfortune, he's begun drinking heavily. The other team members have managed to hide Manterack's drinking from Tiger Leung so far, but when the stablemaster finds out, he will not be happy[1] and he might get fired.[citation needed]


He has issues following the Stable's usual tactic.[2]


Jack Manterack is a Regular MechWarrior.[1]


Jack Manterack pilots a Stalker His 'Mech has a long list of minor glitches that have caused him to lose several of this season’s matches .[1]


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