Jacob's Juggernauts

Jacob's Juggernauts
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent

Jacob's Juggernauts is a combined arms unit of BattleMechs and heavy tanks (most notably Von Luckners), varying in size between roughly one company and a battalion. They are notable for having kept their contract with Word of Blake even when the Blakists were blacklisted by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, but other than that appear to be typical mercenaries. During the defense of a city on Kaifeng one Juggenaut MechWarrior took money from local criminals to purposefully break open storehouses and doors with his Vulcan during combat so that they could be looted.

Unit History[edit]


Jacob McDaniels' former unit was destroyed by Clan Jade Falcon. He brought his Valkyrie to Solaris VII and, with the help of Cenotaph Stables, raised some quick cash to form his own mercenary unit. A complex simulator battle determined that McDaniels would become the commander. It is also where his Valkyrie earned its nickname "Juggernaut". Thus, the mercenary unit Jacob's Juggernauts was born.[1]

Conflict in Sarna Supremacy[edit]

The Juggernauts were hired by the Sarna Supremacy to (presumably) invade the Capellan Confederation, but found themselves on the defensive when House Liao beat them to the punch and sent Warrior House Hiritsu to invade the Sarna Supremacy world of Kaifeng in early 3058. The local militia regiment (Kaifeng SMM) was augmented by mercenary 'Mechs from the Juggernauts and at least two other units totaling approximately two companies of mercenary 'Mechs. Two Lances were thought to be from Ace Darwin's WhipIts, putting the Juggernaut 'Mech force on Kaifeng at roughly one company in strength. The Capellan Warrior House prevailed and solidly defeated the defenders over the course of the campaign, decimating the green Kaifeng SMM almost to the last 'Mech. The mercenaries, including the Juggernauts, fared better and requested standard terms of withdrawal on 27 July 3058.

In Service of the Word of Blake[edit]

Following the expiry of their contract in 3059, Jacob's Juggernauts bounced around the Chaos March until the Word of Blake hired them in 3066. The Word cemented their ties to the unit when they allowed McDaniels to purchase new 'Mechs straight off the assembly line. He jumped at the chance, but talented armor commander Lieutenant Santos Coreesto was concerned that the contract seemed too good to be true. The Juggernauts took Bryant for the Word in 3066 with two companies. Two years later, the unit became three companies strong. At this time Lieutenant Coreesto started to feel worried on the cost working for the WoB could take to the unit.[2]

Jacob's Juggernauts apparently became a troubleshooting unit for the Word, constantly bouncing from world to world. They failed to break contract after the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission blacklisted the Word of Blake fanatics. Because of that, the Juggernauts were declared wanted, though McDaniels took the step of challenging the decision. It was subsequently alleged that McDaniels did not care about his unit's status, and that he used the interim to "take care" of those in the unit who wanted to leave Blakist employ. Lieutenant Coreesto was listed as MIA, along with several other members of his armor unit.

  • The unit's deployment within WoB Ranks made them be stationed on Bryant on 3067.[3]
  • The unit then participated in the takeover of Muphrid[4] and stood there from 3068 to 3070 to then return on 3071 to Bryant.[3]
  • In 3072 the unit raided Raballa and took Raballa Aerospace Support installation, but when Raballa Home Guard forces counterattacked Jacob's Juggernauts) initiated a full retreat for unknown reasons shortly after Capellan units broke the underground defenses. The site was not compromised, and aerial reconnaissance reports the staging zone deserted, with Space Command confirming all the mercenary assets had left the system.[5][3]

In 3073, the unit left their posting and attacked a Blakist reeducation camp on Basalt. They liberated many prisoners, but a freak missile strike killed Colonel Jacob McDaniels. The survivors of the assault dispersed and resisted the Blakists on Basalt for several years before being wiped out shortly before the Coalition liberated the planet.[6]


Rank Name Command
Jacob's Juggernauts
Captain Jacob McDaniels 3058[7]
Lieutenant-Colonel Jacob McDaniels 3069 - 3073[6]



Organization and Equipment[edit]

Jacob's Juggernauts was originally composed of mostly light 'Mechs. Captain McDaniels added heavy armor to compensate for this in the form of eight Von Luckner tanks.

During the battle for Kaifeng in the Sarna Supremacy in 3058, BattleMechs belonging to Jacob's Juggernauts included a Hermes II, a Vulcan and a Blackjack (all of which were destroyed during the fighting in the city of Tarrahouse on Kaifeng); other 'Mechs that likely belonged to them as well were a Vindicator and a Hunchback. The Juggernauts also contributed their Von Luckner heavy tanks to the defense of the city and for at least one trap sprung on the advancing enemy forces at Port Terminal 12 North on the Jinxiang River. In the battle at Port Terminal 12, the tanks were supported by 'Mechs that likely also belonged to their unit: A Rifleman, a Jenner, a Cicada, a JagerMech and an Enforcer. During the last battle on Kaifeng one mercenary Mercury was present that possibly also belonged to the Juggernauts.

The Juggernauts destroyed an enemy Hatchetman at Port Terminal 12, thus scoring the only "true" kill against Warrior House Hiritsu in battle (all other known Hiritsu 'Mech losses were rigged or purposeful suicide attacks). It was noted that the Juggernauts generally fought better than the local militia.

Composition History[edit]


Jacob’s Juggernauts (Reinforced Company/Green/Reliable)[7]

  • CO: Captain Jacob McDaniels[7]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on Sakhalin.[7]

Juggernaut Armor (2 Lances)


Jacob's Juggernauts (Two Companies)

  • CO: Lieutenant-Colonel Jacob McDaniels

Juggernaut Armor (One Company)

Unit Colors[edit]

Jacob's Juggernauts employ camouflage on their equipment depending on the terrain they are stationed on. They trim their equipment in white to display their employment by the Word of Blake.[8]



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