Jade Falcon Incursion (3064)

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Jade Falcon Incursion (3064)
Part of The Civil War
Start Date 3064
Result As a result the Clan border changed significantly. Every faction had gains and losses.
No changes
Clan Jade Falcon
Lyran Alliance


The Falcons began an significant rebuild after the Coventry Campaign. They created new Clusters (Swoop Clusters and new PGC and Eyrie Clusters). New equipment and designs filled the holes in the roster. Khan Marthe Pryde controlled ten new clusters (six in the OZ and four from the Homeworlds) in the preparation of the last ten months. The assault started mid 3064.
The objectives:

  • to expand their existing occupation zone
  • to train (blooding) the next Falcon generation against a worthy enemy

The Wolves took advantage of the lightly defended interclan border. Khan Ward's own touman included several newly created clusters as the result of the Harvest Trials.
The objectives:

  • to show the rest of the Clans that the Wolves still had teeth
  • to take opportunity of the weakened Clan border
  • to test new warriors in the touman

The Wolf (in Exile) strike at their own in the OZ after several defenses of Lyran controlled Worlds.
The LAAF had big troubles. The Civil war raged on and weakened the entire realm. The Jade Falcons saw an easy prey. In the first phase the defense was disorganized but skilled leaders like Adam Steiner and Archer Christifori changed the cause to the better side. This efforts go so far that they can start counter raids/assaults in the Falcon OZ. The LAAF started the Operations Bludgeon (to reconquer Lyran worlds attacked by the Falcons) and Audacity (attacking worlds in the OZ).
As a result the Clan border changed significantly. Every faction had gains and losses.


  • IS Forces
=> 1st Argyle Lancers
=> 3rd Alliance Guards RCT
=> 15th Arcturan Guards
=> 20th Arcturan Guards
=> Barber's Marauders (Mercenaries)
=> Blue Star Irregulars - 1894th Lt Horse (Mercenaries)
=> Blue Star Irregulars - 21st Rim World (Mercenaries)
=> Brion's Legion 1st Regiment
=> Chahar MTM
=> 8th DLH RCT
=> 2nd Crucis Lancers RCT
=> The Dioscuri (Mercenaries)
=> 39th ComGuard Division
=> 198th ComGuards Division
=> 388th ComGuards Division
=> 6th Donegal Guards
=> 11th Donegal Guards
=> 14th Donegal Guards
=> Roman's Bar Hounds (Fighting Urukhai)
=> Kelenfold PTM
=> Koniz PTM
=> 3rd Lyran Regulars RCT
=> 9th Lyran Regulars
=> 15th Lyran Regulars RCT
=> Neerabup MTM
=> Pandora College Training Battalion
=> Rasalgethi Local Militia
=> Storm's Metal Thunder
=> Thorin FTM (Archer's Avengers)
  • Clan Wolf in Exile
=> 1st Wolf Legion
=> 1st Wolf Strike Grenadiers
=> 4th Wolf Guards
  • Clan Jade Falcon
Jade Falcon Command
=> Turkina
=> 1st Falcon Swoop Cluster
=> 3rd Falcon Swoop Cluster
Delta Galaxy
=> 1st Falcon Strike Cluster
=> 7th Talon Cluster
=> 8th Talon Cluster
=> Gyrfalcon Solahma Cluster
Omega Galaxy
=> Sigma Galaxy Command Trinary
=> Turkina Eyrie Cluster
=> Pryde Eyrie Cluster
=> 7th PGC
=> Omega Solahma Cluster
Rho Galaxy
=> 124th Striker Cluster
=> 7th Falcon Regulars
=> 18th Falcon Regulars
=> Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster
Lambda Galaxy
=> 22nd PGC
=> 74th Battle Cluster
=> 24th PGC
=> Lambda Solahma Cluster
=> 2nd Falcon Swoop Cluster
Gamma Galaxy
=> Jade Falcon Guards
=> 1st Falcon Hussars
=> 3rd Falcon Talon Cluster
=> 9th Falcon Talon Cluster
=> Jade Solahma Cluster
Kappa Galaxy
=> 1st Falcon Strike Cluster
=> 8th PGC
=> 10th PGC
Iota Galaxy


Phase One = Waves 1 to 5 (10th June - 30th September 3064) + Operation Bludgeon and Operation Audacity
Phase Two = Retreat from Melissia and starting an counter assault in the OZ. Clan WoE take part of the action (End of Phase 10th December 3064)
Phase Three= In the end phase all faction end the fighting slowly and placed additional forces as garrisons on the conquered planets.

The Battles[edit]

Phase one (23rd November)
Attacker: 1st Falcon Swoop Cluster
Defender: planetary Militia
Outcome: The militia was defeated in short order. The Falcon Swoop Cluster was left as a garrison force.
Phase Two (30th March)
Attacker: 15th Lyran Regulars
'Defender:1st Falcon Swoop Cluster
Outcome:The attacking Lyrans let the cluster no change and the heavy 'Mechs force them to retreat from the planet on 29th May.

Attackers: 5th Talon Cluster and Gyrfalcon Eyrie Clusters
Defenders: Grave Walkers (took earlier damage during the invasion)
Outcome: Only one mercenary DropShip left the planet after 3 days of fighting.

Attackers: complete Lambda Galaxy
Defenders: Roman's Bar Hounds (Fighting Urukhai)
Outcome: 2nd Falcon Swoop Cluster and 24th PGC searched 16 weeks after the mercenaries and finally after losing more than 2 battalions left the planet in August

Attackers: Turkina Keshik + Pryde Eyrie Cluster + 7th PGC
Defenders: mixed demi-brigade of 14th Donegal Guards
Outcome: After bidding to conquer the planet, the 7th PGC defeated the Lyran forces in under 2 weeks.

Planet:Blue Hole
Phase One
Attackers: 1st Falcon Swoop Cluster + Turkina Eyrie Cluster + Sigma Galaxy Command
Defenders: 8th Deneb Light Cavalry (Allies) + 3rd Alliance Guard (Royalist) + Storm's Metal Thunder (as support for the 3rd Alliance) finally 1 Battalion of the 6th Donegal Guards
Outcome: The 8th DLC do their best to fight against the Falcons, but the Lyran units did not learn from the Davions. Both commands suffer horrendous losses (only 48 'Mechs lifted off planet) and the mercenaries were crushed by the combined might of the Falcon commands. The 6th Donegal Guards were doomed as well. The 8th DLC were a shadow of its former self:
Phase Two
Attacker: 1st Wolf Legion (WoE) with support from 8th DLC
Defenders: 7th Talon Cluster
Outcome: The initial assault and the ongoing battles were too much for the Falcons, who retreated off world. As a result of the fighting the 8th DLC was destroyed:
Attackers: 5 Clusters
Defenders: Chahar MTM
Outcome: The Militia had no chance against such overwhelming odds.

Phase One:
Attackers: Omega Galaxy (Turkina Eyrie Cluster + Pridy Eyrie Cluster + 7th PGC)
Defenders: 2nd Crucis Lancers (2 combat commands) + Archer's Avengers + 7th Crucis Lancers (1 combat commands) + 15th Arcturan Guards + 20th Arcturan Guards + 14th Donegal Guards (H) + Cucrux FTM (M) + 9th Lyran Regulars (M) + Neerabup MTM (D)
Outcome: The Lyrans suffered heavy losses, but the Commanding Officers could left the planet before their commands were completely destroyed.
Phase Two:
Attackers: 7th Crucis Lancers
Defenders: Turkina Eyrie Cluster
Outcome: Only 3 trinaries reached the DropShip for lift off and the rest were an easy prey for the Lancers.

Attackers: 1st Falcon Strike Cluster + 8th Talon Cluster
Defenders: planetary militia
Outcome: The defending units had no chance and the planet was later used for strategic movements.

Phase One:
Attackers: Lambda Solahma Cluster
Defenders: 1st Argyle Lancers
Outcome: After nearly 50 days the Lancers were wiped out.
Phase Two:
Attackers: WoE forces + 39th ComGuard Division
Defenders: 74th Battle Cluster
Outcome: The defending Cluster had no chance and were destroyed to the last man

Phase One
Attackers: 7th Falcon Regulars + Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster
Defenders: a militia brigade (2 armor regiments + 1 wing)
Outcome: The fight took the normal way and the defenders were destroyed.
Phase Two:
Attackers: 4th Wolf Guards (WoE) + 388th Com Guards Division
Defenders: 7th Falcon Regulars
Outcome: The Falcons fought hard and give the attackers a hard day but the number counts for the Lyran/Wolf...

Attackers: 74th Battle Cluster + 22nd PGC
Defenders: 11th Donegal Guards + 388th ComGuards Division => later Archer's Avengers + elements of 20th Arcturan Guards
Outcome: The Falcons concentrated their forces first on the 11th DG who folded after 2 weeks and the ComGuards were saved with the arrival of the Archer's Avengers. The Falcons retreated after losing a Trial of Position.

Attackers: entire Delta Galaxy
Defenders: 6th Donegal Guards + The Dioscuri (Mercenaries)
Outcome: After fierce battles and a won trial the 6th left the planet. The mercs hold the lines not much longer. They take of with only a regiment of mixed forces.

Attackers: entire Rho Galaxy
Defenders: Barber's Marauder II's + Konitz PTM
Outcome: As a surprise the elite merc command get in to a trap laid by the Falcons. The unit was destroyed within three days. The militia hold the Falcons 3 months longer in charge but had no change.

Planet:Kooken's Pleasure Pit
Attackers: Turkina Keshik + 3rd Falcon Swoop Cluster
Defenders: Grave Walkers
Outcome: The Clan warriors change the fighting to a hunting party. The mercs were the prey how has to be hunted down. The hunting last two weeks.

Phase One:
Attackers: Turkina Keshik + 3 additional clusters
Defenders: equal Lyran Forces
Outcome: The units retreat of world and left only token garrison forces.
Phase Two:
Attackers: 14th Donegal Guards
Defenders: 7th PGC
Outcome: The Lyrans fought with fury against the falcons and only 2 binaries reached their DropShips.

Phase One
Attackers: 1st Falcon Striker + 8th Talon Cluster
Defenders: Chahar MTM
Outcome: The command suffered heavy losses early in the invasion and were no equal force against the Falcons:
Phase Two
Attackers: 15th Lyran Regulars
Defenders: Pryde Eyrie Cluster
Outcome: The training cluster had no chance against the experienced Lyran command.

Phase One
Attackers: 7 Clusters
Defenders: Third Alliance Guards (D) + 6th Donegal Guards (D) + 14th Donegal Guards+ 15th Arcturan Guards (2 CC) + elements of Neerabup MTM/Gacrux MTM
Outcome: The Falcons delivered a full assault and gave the defenders no chance for rest and refit.
Phase Two
Attackers: First Wolf Legion + First Wolf Strike Grenadiers (both WoE)
Defenders: Turkina Eyrie Cluster + Pryde Eyrie Cluster
Outcome: The Wolf in Exile forces fought the Falcons to a stand still and the Lyrans gained control of the planet again.

Planet:Newtown Square
Attackers: Pryde Eyrie Cluster + Omega Solahma Cluster + 7th PGC
Defenders: 14th Donegal Guards
Outcome: After fierce fighting Adam Steiner retreat his troops and left the planet to the Falcons.

Attackers: 124th Striker Cluster + Jade Falcon Eyrie Cluster
Defenders: Pandora College Training Battalion + planetary militia
Outcome: The defenders were destroyed in a 3 week long fight.

Phase One
Attackers: Rho Galaxy (4 veteran clusters)
Defenders: Brion's Legion 1st Regiment (Merc) + Kelenfold PTM
Outcome: The PTM were destroyed in the initial month of fighting and the mercenaries undertook a guerrilla campaign.
Phase Two:
Attackers: Snord's Irregulars (Mercenaries) supported by Brion's Legions
Defenders: Rho Galaxy (3 Clusters) reinforced by 2nd Falcon Swoop Clusters
Outcome: Snord's Irregulars retreated in the face of the superior numbers of the Clan forces.

Attackers: Turkina Keshik + 1st Falcon Swoop Cluster
Defenders: Chahar MTM
Outcome: After a series of short, brutal battles the MTM left the planet in the hand of the Falcons.

Jade Falcon OZ[edit]

Khan Marthe Pryde left wisely 4 galaxies as guardians of the Falcon OZ. The Lyrans attacked ten planets.

Planet:Beta VII
Attackers: 2nd Crucis Lancers
Defenders: Jade Solahma Cluster
Outcome: The defenders had no chance and were wiped out.

Planet:Black Earth
Attackers: 14th Donegal Guards + 15th Arcturan Guards + 9th Lyran Regulars + later First Wolf Strike Cluster (WoE)
Defenders: 3rd Talon Cluster
Outcome: The 3rd Talon delivered fierce resistance to the attackers and only the combined might of four commands broke the Falcon force.

Attackers: Archer's Avengers (with Black Paw - WarShip) + later reinforced by Adam Steiner task force
Defenders: 8th PGC + 10th PGC (with White Talon - WarShip) + arrival of 2 additional clusters
Outcome:Both sides delivered strikes with no significant sign of progress. Later saKhan Samantha Clees arrived with more forces as support. As a surprise she invited the Lyrans to follow her to Blair Atholl.

Planet:Blair Atholl
Phase One
Attacker: 388th Com Guard Division
Defender: 9th PGC
Outcome: The PGC started a fierce defense and beat the ComGuards when ever possible.
Phase Two
Outcome: Both sides received reinforcements, but a general ceasefire was announced. It was created the Blair Atholl agreement. The world is in joint control of Lyrans and Falcons. The planet is a chance to prove untested warriors against Lyran troops. The Lyrans were safe for the next years.

Phase One
Attackers: Archer's Arvengers
Defenders: 9th Talon CLuster
Outcome: A Black Lion-class cruiser was captured early in the operation, which was transferred to the WoE. The defenders on planet were no match for the invaders.
Phase Two
Attackers: elements of 5th Battle Cluster + 18th Falcon Regulars Cluster
Defenders: conventional forces and elements of Blue Star Irregulars
Outcome: In response to the capture of Twycross through Clan Diamond Shark, the Falcons reconquer the planet again to have an unbroken line of defense.

Attackers: 3rd Lyran Guards
Defenders: 10th PGC
Outcome: The PGC had no chance to regroup after the initial assault and were doomed after two days of battle.

Planet:Hot Springs
Attackers: 14th Lyran Guards
Defenders: 5th Battle Cluster
Outcome: The Steiner troops retreat off world frustrated after a two week long battle without any sign of success.

Clan Wolf Attacks[edit]

  • Khan Ward attacked during wave 9
Planet: Colmar (fight continued)
Attackers: 21st Wolf Regulars (Wolf)
Defenders: 51st Garrison Cluster + 1st Falcon Strike Cluster + 8th Talon Cluster + Pryde Eyrie Cluster (Jade Falcons)

Planet:La Grave (fight continued)
Attackers: 20th Wolf Regulars (Wolf)
Defenders: 1st Falcon Velites + 5th PGC + 74th Battle Cluster + 22nd PGC (Jade Falcons)

Planet:Quarell (conquered)
Attackers: Beta Galaxy Command + 18th Battle Cluster (Wolf)
Defenders: 5th Falcon Regulars (Jade Falcons)
  • expand its operation in wave 10:
Attackers: 13th Wolf Regulars (Wolf)
Defenders: 1st Falcon Jaegers + 1st Falcon Strike Cluster + 8th Talon Cluster (Jade Falcons)



  • Clan Jade Falcon won the following planets from Clan Wolf

Planet:La Grave
Defenders: 20th Wolf Regulars


  • The Jade Falcon counterassault includes

Defenders: 1st Wolf Garrison Cluster

Defenders: 1st Wolf Garrison Cluster + 20th Wolf Regulars

Defenders: 20th Wolf Regulars

Planet:Colmar (recaptured)



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