Jake Kabrinski

Jake Kabrinski
Born 3041
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear (formerly)
Clan Hell's Horses
Profession Khan

Jake Kabrinski was an ristar Elemental and former Star Captain of Clan Ghost Bear, later on he would become a bondsmen and Khan of Clan Hell's Horses.


Clan Ghost Bear[edit]

A trueborn Clan Ghost Bear Elemental, Jake Kabrinski first earned notice within his Clan on the Homeworld planet of Bearclaw after he and his Elemental Star were instrumental in stopping the advances of Clan Hell's Horses, forcing the Horses then-Khan Malavai Fletcher to retreat from battle. Jake would win the Kabrinski Bloodname in the wake of this victory as the Ghost Bears completed their relocation to the Inner Sphere and founded the Ghost Bear Dominion.[1]

Jake Kabrinski was a member of the all-Elemental Zeta Galaxy when the rogue regiments of the Alshain Avengers launched an attack against Alshain. During one skirmish on Alshain against the Draconis forces, he challenged and single-handedly defeated an 100-ton Atlas, an action would give him great honor among his Clan. Soon after he successfully challenged for the rank of Star Captain and won a Trinary command in a frontline Cluster immediately prior to the Ghost Bear counterattack into the Combine.[1]

During that conflict Jake Kabrinski commanded a combined OmniMech and Elemental Trinary fighting on several worlds, facing both the DCMS and his own inner demons as a new commander. Kabrinski's inability to defeat a talented Combine DEST commando however played havoc with his confidence, resulting in his commanders ordering his Trinary back into the Dominion of rest and refit. His unit would instead find themselves thrust into the forefront, capturing a Combine WarShip over Courchevel before defeating Khan Malavai Fletcher and the Hell's Horeses again when they attacked the Dominion's weakened rear. Jake's victory over Fletcher on Predlitz ended the Hell's Horses offense, earning the ristar even more honor and acclaim.[1] When the Combine and Ghost Bears fight the last battle of their war, a Trial of Possession for Courchevel, which the Ghost Bears won, Jake managed finally to defeat his nemesis, the female DEST warrior who win him three times, without killing her, victory than silenced Jake's inner demons.

Abtakha to Clan Hell's Horses[edit]

During Clan Hell's Horses Invasion into the Inner Sphere, Horse Khan James Cobb would capture the notable warrior of Clan Ghost Bear. After his defeat, Jake was used as an emissary to soften relations between both the Horses and Bears. He would later become a Khan of the Horses later on.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Tanya DeLaurel
saKhan of Clan Hell's Horses

Succeeded by
Sasha Mitchell

Preceded by
Tanya DeLaurel
Khan of Clan Hell's Horses
3085 -

Succeeded by



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