James Kielman

James Kielman
Affiliation Clan Coyote

James Kielman (born ???? - died 29??) was the saKhan of Clan Coyote during the great campaign of revenge against Clan Cloud Cobra for the murder of ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov. He would eventually fight and kill his Khan, Judas Levien, in a Trial of Grievance over the continuation of a war that saKhan Kielman felt was destroying his Clan.[1]


Little is known of James Kielman prior to his challenge of Khan Levien. His actions denote a warrior who was not afraid to do what had to be done to save his Clan from further harm.

The Final Battle[edit]

The Coyote Campaign to extract revenge from the Clan of Tobias Khatib devastated Clan Cloud Cobra. But it also had taken its toll on the warriors of Clan Coyote, and worse, their Clan had lost large enclaves on the worlds of Brim and Homer in the Kerensky Cluster. 20 months in and Khan Levien was not yet finished. As saKhan of Clan Coyote, James Kielman felt obligated to do something to halt the further sapping of his Clan's strength due to an event that had happened nearly 15 years earlier. He challenged Khan Levien to a Trial of Grievance over their continued war with the Cloud Cobras. The Trial would cost Khan Levien his life, but the war with the Cobras could now be scaled down. The Coyotes could still be saved, though the road ahead would often be a hard one to travel.[1][2]


It is not clear that James Kielman assumed the Khanship of the Coyotes, but given passed traditions of their Clan regarding matters like these, it seems logical that he would have ascended to Khan of the Coyotes. Regardless, saKhan James Kielman was a bold warrior who had the strength to stand up to a Khan who had gone too far and was not about to stop. Born to a Bloodname House that would be Reaved in the wake of the Blood Scandal, his place in his Clan's history would be secured for his efforts to guide it back from the brink during a dark time for the Coyotes.[1][3]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
saKhan of Clan Coyote
???? - 2949[4][5]

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Judas Levien
Khan of Clan Coyote
2949 - ????

Succeeded by


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