James Urratia

James Urratia
Died 3127
Affiliation House Urratia
Position Protector


During the early 32nd Century, the Concordat suffered a significant territorial losses. Partially, this was dues to the expansionist policies of the resurgent Capellan Confederation, which captured several Taurian worlds in an area centered around the planet Laconis that would become known as the "Laconis Front." The largest losses came, however, from the Concordat's own leadership. Protector James Urratia was so paranoid about a perceived threat from the Federated Suns that he stripped garrisons from many of the Concordat's spinward worlds to pursue raids against Davion and Liao holdings. When he reassigned MacLeod's Regiment away from the world of Charleston to bolster the forces in the Pleiades Cluster in 3119, he caused a crisis. This abandonment of a Taurian world triggered a domino effect, with first Charleston and eventually most of the spinward reaches declaring independence in protest of the Protector's defense policies. Urratia did not accept their secession, and in 3127 tried to use the threat of nuclear bombardment to bring the worlds back into the fold. This proved a step too far, and Marshal Kaff Doru led a coup that deposed and executed Urratia.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Boris Tharn
Protector of the Realm
???? – 3127

Succeeded by
Kaff Doru


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