Janina Centrella

Janina Centrella.jpg
Janian Centrella
Character Profile
Born 16 March 2723
Died 4 January 2802
Affiliation House Centrella
Profession Magestrix of Canopus
Parents Vanura Centrella (mother)

Janina Centrella was Magestrix of Canopus during the Amaris Crisis.[1]


Early life[edit]


Elected in 2760 following the death of her mother, Vanura Centrella, Janina proved a brilliant Magestrix, successfully protecting Canopian investments and withdrawing their remaining soldiers from the SLDF. She also overturned her mother's appeasement policies, protesting the mistreatment of her citizens and starting several programs to rebuild the Canopian economy.[1]

During the Amaris Civil War she didn't provide any aid to Aleksandr Kerensky but felt sympathetically towards him. She provided information on Amaris' plans in the Periphery.[1]

Infamous for her decadence and her indifference to the well-being of the Star League, Janina sat and watched as Richard Cameron, Stefan Amaris and Aleksandr Kerensky tore it apart. In 2780 when the Star League Council met for the last time, the Magestrix did not bother to attend. In 2786 she declared the Magistracy independent of the Star League.[1]


Rwannah Centrella is her niece.[1]


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